Hulk Month

Digital Comics Highlights: Hulk Team-Ups

Witness some of the Hulk's most titanic team-ups in this week's digital highlights!



Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. It's Hulk Month, and that means we're unleashing new Hulk content every day, including fresh Gamma-blasted Digital Highlights each week! For this week's Hulk Month Highlights, the focus lies on some of our favorite Hulk Team-Ups.


AVENGERS #1 Witness the creation of one of the greatest super hero teams of all time, the original Avengers! After being manipulated into battling one another by the evil Loki, Iron Man, Ant Man and the Hulk stop fighting long enough to assist the heroic, hammer-wielding Thunder God Thor in an epic battle with his sinister step-brother. With the unification of these four super heroes, the Marvel Universe would forever be changed—even though the Jade Giant leaves the group at the end of AVENGERS #2! Heck, we all know the Hulk's best left alone anyway!

FOUR #349

FANTASTIC FOUR #349 Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider and the then-Gray Goliath himself find themselves trapped in Subterranea by that measly Mole Man! They're in pursuit of a lady Skrull using Mr. Fantastic to help her gain possession of an egg containing an inorganic technotroid—an indestructible synthetic entity. Our band of heroes is hot on her tail but will they make it in time to keep this weapon out of her hands? If they are successful, how will they escape Mole Man and his millions of Subterraneans?


DEFENDERS #2 Despite being instrumental in the formation of the Avengers, friction between Hulk and his teammates led to ol' Greengenes quitting the group almost immediately. The not so jolly green giant then partnered with Doctor Strange, Sub-Mariner and Silver Surfer—bringing together again an unlikely group of super heroes known as the Defenders! With a team this powerful, it would seem no enemy could present a challenge…right? Except for one: the dread Dormammu!


MARVEL ADVENTURES HULK #5 When Bruce Banner visits the house of Doctor Strange, the good doctor tells him he may have a way of freeing Bruce from the curse that is the Hulk. Bruce seems less then enthused. Doctor Strange opens a gateway to the Dark Dimension, the domain of the dreaded Dormammu which allows the evil under lord to take possession of a monkey and lead the heroes into his realm. How will these two doctors fair against the evil that awaits them in the Dark Dimension, and will Strange have the right prognosis for Bruce's "sickness?"


WOLVERINE #8 What do you get when "Casablanca" meets Marvel? You get Gray Hulk teaming with Wolverine in a partnership sharing similarities with Rick and Ilsa. When the Hulk gets involved with an underground crime circuit, he and Wolverine go on a tear with fists and claws, taking care of organized crime the Marvel way. Will these two titans be able to trust one another or will their individual natures prevail? Here's looking at you, Hulk. Need to catch up on your Hulk reading? Looking for the perfect stories starring the Jade Giant? Check out our list of the 10 Collections marked as required reading by any Hulk fan! Read classic Hulk stories in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Take pictures with a life-size Hulk statue at select theaters nationwide! Visit the official "The Incredible Hulk" movie site! Remember, "The Incredible Hulk" comes to a theater near you on June 13!

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The incredible Hulks power on a scientific bases has been greatly undermined. See the link below. By the way the below link is for Marvel writers and not for Fans. His full potential as a gamma sponge as once referred to in the comics has never been reached. For example Galactus relies on absorbing the life energy of a planet to sustain himself, and superman relies on unlimited energy from the Sun. (Ps I grew up loving Superman, but I am just being realistic) The fact is marvel screwed up. Heck even doc Samson, and she hulk should be stronger than they are. For crying out loud Marvel read the link below. Do you know the potential of a gamma-ray blast with power of 9,000 exploding stars? Can the hulk manifest this power yes, since he is a gamma sponge. The question is can his body handle the load, or for that matter can the earth. I doubt it (no). I love the hulk, but as I said before he has been undermined, underpowered. That was all my factual scientific rant. Please respond Marvel, not fans sorry. gamma-ray blast with power of 9,000 exploding stars spotted in spaceI always liked the quantum bands and somehow hoped they can even temorarily be added to the hulk not for a power boost, but as a bodily containment device to reach full potential. We know from what I wrote above he has never come close to reaching his potential even in the well written world war hulk. Sorry about all the ranting but I just thought if your going to create a character even fictional his potential, and weaknesses, emotions, etc…. should all be factually shown.


[quote@SPNWareZ I love the team up of Hulk with Wolverine. They both have a perfect attitude and suit each other.[/quote] Agreed. Who doesn't love a good ol' Hulk/Wolverine team-up or battle?


I love the team up of Hulk with Wolverine. They both have a perfect attitude and suit each other.


I like when the Hulk made team whit other heroes, you can see a friendly part of the Hulk that you dont see often.