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Civil War, Civil Suit in She-Hulk #8

After the disastrous events that kick off Civil War #1, a public outcry to have super heroes registered forces She-Hulk to choose a side as Marvel's top superhuman lawyer. But what side will she choose when she feels one way as She-Hulk and another as Jennifer Walters? This Civil War tie-in spins right out of the first issue of the mega-event as Jennifer Walters must use her skills as a lawyer, not her strength, to try to stem the tide of the burgeoning Civil War. Pick up She-Hulk #8 to see what Jennifer Walters's decision is; plus, you do not want to miss whose court case she handles next (especially if you're a fan of the New Warriors). SHE-HULK #8 (MAR062110) Written by Dan Slott Penciled by PAUL SMITH Cover by GREG HORN 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99 FOC - 5/4, On Sale - 5/24/2006 Don't forget that Free Comic Book Day is May 6th. Visit http://www.freecomicbookday.com/: For a detailed bio of She-Hulk, visit http://www.marvel.com/universe/She-Hulk:
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