Daily Bugle: A Hero has been Shot

Unidentified hero shot on steps of Federal Courthouse



By The Daily Bugle Staff
Breaking news: Few details are clear at this time, but the scene outside the Federal Courthouse in Manhattan is a portrait of chaos and confusion as a former superhero has been shot. Gunfire erupted this morning after what could only be described as a whirlwind turn of events. Hundreds of New Yorkers swarmed the Federal Courthouse after word spread that an in-custody former superhero--a major player in the recent "Superhero Civil War"--was to be arraigned in New York instead of in front of a Military Tribunal. As the crowd began swelling to unmanageable proportions, U.S. Marshals led the prisoner up the steps of the Courthouse. Moments later--before the unidentified prisoner reached the Courthouse doors--shots were reportedly fired, sending the crowd into a panic and dropping at least one person--the former hero. At this time, rumors are circulating as to the identity of the victim, but The Daily Bugle can not confirm anything yet--including his or her condition. We will be updating this story with continued coverage throughout the day, so don't go anywhere. UPDATED: The identity of the victim has been confirmed as Captain America. See our Captain America assassinated story for all the details.
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