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Ultimate Annuals

Annuals have made their way back to Marvel, and they have found their way to the Ultimate Universe. In August, all of the core Ultimate books will be offering annuals, including Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, and the Ultimates.

The Ultimate Annuals are stand-alone stories, which bolster the ongoing storylines of each of the regular titles at the same time. They also serve as landmark points in the history of the Ultimate Universe as Spider-Man gets a new girlfriend, Ultimate Crystal is introduced (and woos the Human Torch), Ultimate Juggernaut returns, and the next wave of Ultimates are brought together by Nick Fury.

"It was important that, although these annuals are stand alone stories, they tie into the events in the monthly Ultimate titles," says editor Ralph Macchio. "We want our annuals to count. And they do!"

Once a yearly tradition for all Marvel books, annuals are being brought back to add onto the foundation of the Ultimate Universe through awe-inspiring stand-alone stories. Don't miss Ultimate history in the making!

If you thought The Ultimates were the only team S.H.I.E.L.D. was creating-you were wrong! Get ready for the next wave of super-soldiers designed to protect America's vital interests.
preview the Ultimates 2 Annual here
Spidey goes toe-to-toee with some old foes - and winds up with a new girlfriend! Who is she? Let's just say she has a familiar face.
preview the Ultimate Spider-Man Annual here
The return of Ultimate Juggernaut. 'Nuff Said! No seriously, 'Nuff Said!
preview the Ultimates 2 Annual here
Join us for the first appearance of-The Ultimate Inhumans! The awesome events playing out here figure prominently in the upcoming "Tomb of Namor" story in the regular UFF book!
preview the Ultimates 2 Annual here

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