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Unlimited Highlights

Digital Comics Highlights: Dr. Doom

Get an in depth look at Marvel's Master of Evil

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. This week we feature the Metal Clad Monarch, the dreaded Dr. Doom, absolute ruler of Latveria and archenemy of the Fantastic Four, who returns to bedevil his greatest foes in FANTASTIC FOUR #558 this week. From the birth of Victor Von Doom to the creation of his iron-clad alter ego and beyond, here are five must-read Dr. Doom comics available on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.


FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #2 Witness the journey of young Victor recapped-the son of a gypsy healer and a Sorceress whose genius and study of magic leads to the creation of super villain Dr. Doom! Brought to you by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the story picks up with the not so good Doctor hurtling through the cosmos-traveling towards an unknown destination, Doom must rely on himself to get back. Once he does, has he finally figured out that dividing the Four can lead to their defeat?


DAREDEVIL v1 #38 With the intention of imprisoning Daredevil forever, Doom traps the Man Without Fear in his own body, allowing Doom to take control of his opponent's form and heightened senses. Will the blind lawyer's quick wits help him convince the diabolical Doctor to switch their bodies back? And how will this switcheroo affec the Fantastic Four? Find out in this classic by Lee and Gene Colan!


SECRET WARS #6 Dr. Doom is known for his vast intelligence, right? Then what intelligent reason can be given for his attempt to conquer the godly Galactus? As the rest of the Marvel Universe has been engulfed in war, the Devious Doom formulates a plan to harvest the World Devourer's power for his own. Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck bring you Doom's attempt to spoil the Big G's lunch for good.


BOOKS OF DOOM #1 As told from the mouth of Doom himself, this origin recounts his earliest memories as a child. From his mother's demonic acts to his own study in science and the dark arts leading up to his invitation to America, this issue puts a new twist on an old legend. Will Doom's personal accounts shed new light on Marvel's master of evil?


STAN LEE MEETS DOCTOR DOOM #1 After Doctor Doom feels he's been given a bad rep, he summons the one he feels bears responsibility for his P.R. woes, Stan "The Man" Lee, to his castle in Latveria, where the Doc pleads his case. Doom reflects on his history of villany in this issue in a way only Lee and co-writer Jeph Loeb can create-and "Smilin'," Stan truly knows how to bring out the worst in the Marvel's Greatest Villain.
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