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MDCU Storyline Spotlight

Digital Comics Storyline Spotlight: Runaways

Six not-so-ordinary kids try to make up for the sins of their fathers (and mothers)

Each week we highlight a classic storyline told in full inside Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, the greatest collection of Marvel comics available online! This week we take a look back at the early days of everyone's favorite teenage heroes in "Pride & Joy" from RUNAWAYS v1 #1-6!

"Pride & Joy"

You think your parents are evil? You've got it easy! In this classic story, "Pride and Joy," the six kids destined to become the Runaways discover that their parents really are evil! Alex, Nico, Chase, Gert, Karolina and Molly get more than they bargain for when they decide to spy on their parents during one of their annual get-togethers and catch them murdering a teenage girl. From that moment on, the kids' lives change forever. They decide to band together and bring their parents to justice, if they can only stay under of the radar of every cop in Los Angeles! As it turns out, the evil Pride controls everything in L.A., from the police to the press. What chance do the Runaways stand against those odds, especially when there's a traitor among them? Co-created by acclaimed scribe Brian K. Vaughn and artist Adrian Alphona, this series effectively captures the emotional rollercoaster that every teenager rides all the way to adulthood. In the classic Marvel style, Vaughn and Alphona make ordinary teenage angst extraordinary! See for yourself why RUNAWAYS has become one of the hottest youth-oriented comic books of the decade: read issues #1-6 in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited today!

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