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Wizard World Chicago 2008

WW Chicago 08: Storm Limited Series

The Queen of Wakanda flies to the forefront in this solo adventure

By Tim Stevens Since Storm wed Black Panther, she has diligently attempted to divide her life between her marriage, her duties as Queen of Wakanda and the X-Men. However, doing so has proven no easy task, even for a woman who spent a period of her life worshipped as a goddess. X-MEN: STORM-WORLDS APART, a new limited series written by Chris Yost, delves deeper than any story has yet into Storm's struggle to honor her past without throwing away her present. For editor Daniel Ketchum the opportunity to work on a Storm limited series could not be passed up. He admits, "Storm is my absolute favorite Marvel character. When [Executive Editor] Axel Alonso first introduced the idea of a Storm limited series, I told him without hesitation that I wanted to be the one to edit it." Finding out Yost would be the writer on the book made things all the sweeter. "Chris is always a pleasure to work with and, maybe more importantly, he has the same passion for the character that I do," notes Ketchum. "He's brought some amazing ideas to the table which assuredly please our fellow Storm fans." Ketchum describes the weather wielding mutant as "a tremendously versatile character who, despite being so multi-faceted, remains uncomplicated and easily accessible to writers and new readers." "She has the aloofness of a goddess, but once you get inside her head, there's so much more," expands Yost. "As a goddess, she was worshipped, as an X-Man she was hated and feared, and as Queen of Wakanda, she's respected and loved." This juxtaposition provides the conflict that drives the story forward. "The story is about Storm deciding who she is," says the writer. "X-Man? Queen? She's going to have to answer by the end." Of course, with this series being run with the X-Men banner front and center, there exists a huge potential for guest stars. Yost teases that you will see at least one of Marvel's Merry Mutants over the course of the arc, Storm's longtime teammate Cyclops before adding, "and I'm trying to squeeze Pixie in there." Yost, who has read every Storm appearance and written her for animated projects, sees this series as an opportunity unlike any other. "This series will be as in depth as I've ever worked on with her," vows the scribe. "We'll find her voice along with her." Stay up to date with the latest Marvel news from Wizard World Chicago at our Convention Central page!
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