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Wizard World Chicago 2008

Wizard World Chicago 2008: Wolverine: Manifest Destiny

Writer Jason Aaron talks big trouble in Little Tokyo for Logan as he returns to the streets of San Francisco in a new limited

By Marc Strom When the X-Men planned their move to California, they probably should have consulted Wolverine about the location first. But they didn't, and when Marvel's merry mutants relocate to sunny San Francisco, Logan will find his past catching up to him yet again this fall in WOLVERINE: MANIFEST DESTINY, an all-new limited series penned by Jason Aaron. "There are some gents in Chinatown who are shocked to see him, since he was apparently never supposed to set foot there again," the author explains. "As you can guess, from this there arises some fighting, much of it involving claws and kung fu." And pretty soon, Logan will wish he'd kept his promise and stayed away. "Suddenly he finds himself being pursued by fighters from every dojo in town," Aaron continues. "Plus gun-toting thugs, hard-nosed cops and four mystical warriors capable of doing the unthinkable and actually killing Logan once and for all. "And did I mention that his ex-girlfriend is now head of the local Triad? Welcome to the west coast, Wolvie, old boy." These days, it seems Aaron can't stay away from the X-Men's resident berzerker for long. The scribe recently wrapped the four-part "Get Mystique" in the WOLVERINE ongoing series as well as a one-issue story drawn by the legendary Howard Chaykin. "I knew as soon as I finished my 'Get Mystique' arc that I still had more Wolverine stories to tell," the writer confesses, "And I knew that for my next arc I wanted to do something as different from 'Get Mystique' as that story was different from the gritty little character drama I did in WOLVERINE #56. "Thankfully Logan is such a great character that he can fit into all sorts of different settings and genres." Stay up to date with the latest Marvel news from Wizard World Chicago at our Convention Central page!
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