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Wizard World Chicago 2008

Wizard World Chicago 2008: Ghost Rider vs Ghost Rider

Danny Ketch returns to ignite a Ghost Rider vs Ghost Rider war

By Marc Strom This October, Ghost Rider fans will witness an event more than 15 years in the making. Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze come face-to-flaming face in a four-issue arc kicking off with GHOST RIDER #28. And if you want even more of the 90s Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch gets his own limited series this fall, shedding some light on how the fan favorite hero came into the employ of the rogue angel Zadkiel, courtesy of writer Simon Spurrier. Regular GHOST RIDER writer Jason Aaron promises the GR grudge match won't just fulfill many a fanboy's dream, though. The outcome will also, in his words, "help decide the very fate of Heaven itself." "Zadkiel needs more power in order to break the stalemate in Heaven and succeed where Lucifer once failed by claiming the throne for himself," Aaron elaborates. "Ketch is the key to Zadkiel getting that power. Blaze is trying to thwart those plans, and when he makes his final stand, he won't be fighting alone." And just like any good brawl, only one Ghost Rider can stand victorious. "There most certainly will [be a clear victor,]" the author promises. "And the repercussions will be huge. This arc, along with Simon's series, will dramatically change the landscape for the Spirit of Vengeance." Spurrier's limited series, catching up on Danny Ketch's activities immediately prior to his re-appearance in Aaron's premier arc, begins with Ketch living the life he always wanted: One free of the Ghost Rider's curse. "The question is: how's he coping," asks Spurrier. "And how long will it last?" And while that question drives the core of the series, Spurrier also promises plenty of other morsels for fans to chew on. "It's about heavenly Weapons of Mass Destruction, occult conspiracies, technomancer weirdness, and having a goddamn battering-ram on the forks of your bike," the British native teases. "Oh, and it's narrated by a talking carrion bird." Stay up to date with the latest Marvel news from Wizard World Chicago at our Convention Central page!
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