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Watch Mythos: Captain America #1 Trailer

Independence Day arrives on Marvel.com


Captain America fans: Independence Day has come a week early on Marvel.com! We're proud to present the story of how the average Steve Rogers became the Sentinel of Liberty with this all-new video trailer for MYTHOS: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1, on-sale now! Many of you know Captain America as a fearless leader and symbol of liberty, but find out how it all began. Travel back to the very beginning when an ordinary man was transformed into a super soldier who would protect men and women for decades to come. And bringing this all to you is the Mythos dynamic duo of Paul Jenkins and Paolo Rivera as they present the tale of one of America's most beloved heroes. MYTHOS: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 Editor Steve Wacker says, "Paolo's epic work sweeps through Captain America's history, from the streets of New York City during the Great Depression to war-torn Europe, all the way to the present day, showcasing not only a man out of time, but a man who has to watch the men and women of his generation die everyday, while he remains young. Along with Mythos partner Paul Jenkins, the two creators have taken a story we all know like the back of our hands and added an incredible amount of depth and insight that will remind us all how much we owe that generation." Be sure to pick up your copy of MYTHOS: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1, in stores now, and watch the trailer below! MYTHOS: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 (APR082285) Written by PAUL JENKINS Art and Cover by PAOLO RIVERA Rated A ...$3.99 On-Sale Now!
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