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MDCU Free Focus

Free Mondays (6/30/08)

Five newest free digital comics courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

Welcome to FREE Mondays! Each week we focus on all of the newly digitized books you can read for FREE inside the greatest collection of Marvel comics available online: Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Plus, we'll let you know what's coming up next week for FREE, too! With each book, not only are you getting a free peek inside Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, but each free Digital Comic either gives you a look at a book featured in a recent collection or a comic that's in stores now.
Get ready to cozy up with your computer screen, 'cause more free digital comics are comin' at ya! ANITA BLAKE: VAMPIRE HUNTER, GUILTY PLEASURES #7 AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #7 THE LAST FANTASTIC FOUR STORY #1 MIGHTY AVENGERS #7 NEW AVENGERS #33 CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE CHOSEN #1 And don't forget to check out the FREE Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited exclusive webcomic SECRET INVASION: HOME INVASION! It chronicles the events of Kinsey, a normal teenage girl in the Marvel Universerse, as the world she knows gets turned upside-down by the Skrull invasion!
Now that you're up to date on what's for FREE this week, here's what's coming for FREE next Free for the Week of 7/7/08: X-FORCE v1 #104 CAPTAIN AMERICA v1 #444 INVADERS v1 #1 NOVA v4 #8 HULK AND POWER PACK #2
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