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Wizard World Chicago 2008

Wizard World Chicago 2008: Panelmania!

Your up-to-the-minute panel coverage from Wizard World Chicago

By Ryan Penagos Updated with Secret Invasion Panel info below! The Marvel crew launched into Panelmania at Wizard World Chicago 2008 with Mondo Marvel! On the panel were Marc Sumerak, Brian Reed, Mike Perkins, Bill Rosemann, Jim McCann, Tom Brevoort, C.B. Cebulski and Peter David. As always, the panel kicked off with announcements: The writing duo of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have signed exclusively with the House of Ideas! They'll continue to bring their brand of cosmic crazy to fans around the world and editor Bill Rosemann hinted that DnA have a trip to New York City scheduled in the future to get some big ideas hammered out for 2009. Stay tuned! Now that artist extraordinaire Mike Perkins is tackling the adaptation of Stephen King's THE STAND, CAPTAIN AMERICA is down one artist. Who can fill Mike's larger-than-life shoes? How about Luke Ross, artist for numerous kickass Star Wars and Conan comics! Better still, Mr. Ross is Marvel exclusive. Swish! While not an announcement, the slideshow featured the first look at the cover to MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 #1 by Greg Land. Machine Man! Jacosta! The regular Marvel Universe! w00t! Get your Storm fix with X-MEN: STORM - WORLDS APART by writer Chris Yost! Fans clamoring for more wild Ghost Rider action will get their fill when it's Ghost Rider vs. Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze vs. Danny Ketch! Look for the action to kick off with GHOST RIDER #28! And to fill in the gaps of where Danny Ketch has been and how he got his powers back, check out the GHOST RIDER: DANNY KETCH mini-series! Jason Aaron and Stephen Segovia team up for a new Wolvie mini-series-WOLVERINE: MANIFEST DESTINY! The next crop of What Ifs have been announced. The events on tap: Spider-Man: Back in Black, Secret Wars, World War Hulk, Fallen Son, House of M, Runaways/Young Avengers. Check out the full story on all the What Ifs right here!
Friday panel #2, the Ultimate Panel, featured editor Bill Rosemann, Jim McCann, C.B. Cebulski and Brian Michael Bendis. There were some technical difficulties getting the presentation up and running, so the Q&A section came first! Also, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is not getting canceled. ULTIMATUM bring some major shake-ups, but it ain't goin' nowhere! New ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN annual, by Bendis and drawn by David La Fuente, comes out in October and deals with, among other things, Spidey's physical relationship with Mary Jane. W00t! Slideshow time! Showing ULTIMATE ORIGINS covers for the first time! Lots of oohs and ahhs! Even better, a secret preview of ULTIMATE ORIGINS #2! The origin of Captain America! Butch Guice draws the HELL outta that book! And Ultimate Watcher makes his debut! Half of the upcoming ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN arc takes cues, story points and bits from the "Ultimate Spider-Man" video game. The return of Gwen Stacy! The return of Carnage! No more symbiotes (for a while)! The day that ULTIMATUM ships, the disaster that occurs will immediately affect ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. Lotsa crazy. For serious. That was it for this panel! Back tomorrow with more! Stay glued to Marvel.com for more Wizard World Chicago panel reports throughout the weekend!
It's Secret Invasion Panel time! After the crowds cleared out...which took a while...the Marvel crew of Brian Reed, Brian Michael Bendis, Tom Brevoort, Jim McCann, Bill Rosemann, Ivan Brandon and C.B. Cebulski talked Skrulls! With a heavy heart, Bendis began the panel with a note of remembrance for the late Michael Turner. He will be missed. How to best kick off the panel? Show a two-page spread from SECRET INVASION #4. Nick Fury has the biggest gun in the history of ever. Nick Fury's cover team is called the Secret Warriors. Even cooler, the crew's getting their own title, SECRET WARRIORS by Bendis and Johnathan Hickman. The book kicks off in January and it'll knock people's socks off! A special image was shown featuring a slew of "evil" characters, sort of an evil illuminati. It's a teaser image for a one-shot by Bendis and Alex Maleev, launching early 2009.
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