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Civil War is Here!

After months of anticipation and boiling tensions, Civil War has finally arrived! The Road to Civil War has reached its end and now Marvel's biggest event ever is ready to rock the world of comics. Running through the pages of New Avengers: Illuminati Special, Amazing Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four, the Road to Civil War has led to this: a universe of heroes divided over the possible institution of a super hero registration act. With one army led by Captain America and the other headed by Iron Man, Civil War is a 7-issue series of brother fighting brother, friend versus friend. The ramifications will be felt all across the Marvel Universe as the war spills into many of your favorite monthly titles. Early reviews of Civil War #1 have been praising the first issue for living up to the hype...and then some. Troy Brownfield of Newsarama.com says, "Civil War explodes out of the box, showering the reader with equal parts intellectual debate, intensely emotional characterization, and driving action." Shaun Manning of Silverbulletcomicbooks.com says, "Marvel gets straight to business in Civil War #1, packing intense emotional and political drama with superhero action and its disastrous consequences...With a powerful story and compelling artwork, this one has the potential to become a classic." Get to your local comic book store right now because Civil War #1 is finally on sale. After reading this explosive first issue, you will have to decide: whose side are you on?



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