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MCP Spotlight

MCP Spotlight: Stingray

The Aquatic Avenger claims the spotlight this July in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS

By Tim Stevens Things get dangerous in the depths of the ocean. Perhaps no air-breather in the Marvel Universe knows that better than the oceanographer-turned-super hero known as Stingray, and writer B. Clay Moore dives deep to show fans why in his Marvel Comics debut, MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #11, on shelves July 23. "It's nice," Moore states in reference to his first time penning a Marvel comic. "It's good to see my name in their [Marvel's] books." As for the book in which he makes his debut, Moore embraces the short story format: "It's always a challenge to write shorter stories, especially in the super hero genre. Communicating something about the character while telling a fun story in eight pages is harder than it looks."

Preview art by
Lee Weeks

Stingray, in particular, presents a particular test given his rather limited catalogue of appearances. However, this only made him more appealing to Moore. "I've always been drawn to characters who aren't in the spotlight much," the writer admits. "And I've always thought it was kind of interesting that Stingray is an air-breather who chooses to spend his time underwater." Of course, it did not hurt that "Stingray is one of the coolest looking characters in the Marvel Universe." Moore and editor Warren Simons communicated back and forth about several ideas until Simons "jumped on" the Stingray story. Solicitations bill the story as being about "Stingray [going] face-to-face with a horror from the deep," but Moore elaborates, "It's more like face-to-stomach. Stingray's working for the [Environmental

Preview art by
Lee Weeks

Protection Agency] making sure a shipwreck salvage team doesn't disturb the ecological balance of things when he runs into a bit more than he bargained for." Legendary artist Lee Weeks joins Moore on the project. Moore, a "huge fan of Lee's" for years, thrilled to the collaboration. He recalls, "I'd actually written the story when Warren asked me if I was familiar with Lee's work and would be cool with him drawing it. I couldn't be happier with the results." Fans will get to see those results come July 23 in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS, as they and, the hero known as Stingray, brave the murky, mysterious ocean waters. And for more Stingray, head over to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.
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