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Black Panther: Skrulls Over Wakanda

Writer Jason Aaron speaks about the Panther's plans to defend his homeland against the Secret Invasion

Preview art by
Jefte Palo

By Marc Strom While the shape-shifting aliens have already begun taking Manhattan, they've also got their eyes on a certain high-profile African nation: Wakanda. Guest writer Jason Aaron kicks off the three-issue "See Wakanda and Die" in BLACK PANTHER #39, on sale July 30. But with a whole world to conquer, why have the Skrulls made Wakanda such a high priority? "One word: vibranium," Aaron answers. "The Skrulls want to control the vibranium. But they can't just come in and kill everybody. They need the Wakandans to work the mines for them. That's why the Skrulls had hoped to complete the invasion without bloodshed. "Guess what? That plan didn't work out so great."

Preview art by
Jefte Palo

That should come as little surprise to regular BLACK PANTHER readers, though. While King T'Challa has a reputation as an extraordinary diplomat and leader, he also has a very furious-and very strategic-warrior within. "You gotta figure the Black Panther has a plan for everything, and he puts this plan into motion right away," teases Aaron. "The Skrulls show up thinking it'll be a cake walk, and next thing they know, they're fighting a ground war with clubs and swords against all of Wakanda. And even though the Wakandans are grossly outnumbered, everything seems to be going exactly the way T'Challa wants it. For a while at least." Ever since the small African nation first discovered its natural wealth, invaders have wanted a piece of the figurative-and lucrative-pie. Needless to say, the native Wakandans have become more than used to the occasional hostile foreigner, human or otherwise.

Preview art by
Jefte Palo

"Repulsing invaders is a part of their history," Aaron explains. "Something they take great pride in. So yeah, whether they be farmers, butchers or bread makers, all of Wakanda is ready to step up to the challenge." Aaron says more than a couple things attracted him to this fill-in arc: "I've always liked the character, but this arc was particularly enticing because it's pretty much a straight-up war story, and I love writing those. "Also this is my first chance to be a part of a big line-wide crossover, so I was excited about that as well. I got to tease my friends with foreknowledge of which characters were gonna turn out to be a Skrull." Finally, with the Black Panther waging an all-out war on his home turf, Aaron promises that fans can expect "A massive battle on the plains of Africa, a Super Skrull with the powers of Marvel's greatest street fighters

Preview art by
Jefte Palo

and a predicament that Storm and T'Challa hoped never to be in. "Oh, and lots and lots of dead Skrulls." BLACK PANTHER #39, by Jason Aaron & Jefte Palo, hits the streets July 30. For more Black Panther, go to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.
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