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FIRST LOOK: Thunderbolts #122

The Thunderbolts dive into 'Secret Invasion'!

COVER BY: BILLY TAN WRITER: CHRISTOS GAGE PENCILS: FERNANDO BLANCO COLORED BY: RAINIER BEREDO LETTERED BY: COMICRAFT THE STORY: SECRET INVASION strikes Thunderbolts Mountain as Captain Marvel attacks! But when you're dealing with the Thunderbolts, it's never quite clear who's the villain and who's the hero...Also, another unexpected visitor shows up, threatening to tear the T-Bolts apart from within! Can Norman Osborn hold his team of damaged psyches and tortured souls together, or is this the end of the Thunderbolts as we know them? Part 1 of 4. Rated T+ ...$2.99 IN STORES: July 23, 2008

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