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Marvel Stomps DC in Softball

The House of Ideas' Marvel Knights squad lays out the Distinguished Competition 10-7

By Ryan Penagos and Judy Stephens

The Marvel Knights

For the last several years, the baseball fields of Central Park have served as battlegrounds for the forces of good and evil, the righteous and the wicked, Marvel and DC. And on a hot and muggy July evening, good once again triumphed over evil as the House of Ideas' Marvel Knights softball squad laid the smack down-once again-on DC's team. Final score? 10-7. The Knights started the night out with a bang as big hits and home runs from Richie Waite and Devin Seastone gave the team a commanding 7-0 lead. DC came back strong with 4 runs, but the final nail was driven into their coffin when the Marvel crew scored 3 more runs, led by Vrej Barghamian's 2-run single. Team Marvel spectacularly quelled DC's last-ditch effort, a 3-run push forward. Marvel's uptown rivals had the bases loaded with 2 outs, but a a pop-up to left field signaled the end of the game. The dust has cleared and Marvel once again reigns supreme. But really, was there any doubt? For more Marvel vs. DC softball action, check out our coverage of last year's San Diego Comic-Con 2007 softball classic and stay glued to Marvel.com for our report on the 2008 game. Don't worry True Believers, the Stan Lee ain't goin' nowhere!

The Marvel Knights

The Marvel Knights: Vrej Barghamian Eric Feitelson Richie Waite Mike Pasciullo Joel Safir Paul Wilson Bob Sabouni Godfrey Powell Devin Seastone Lauren Sankovitch Judith Stephens



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