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MyCup o' Panic Takes Over MySpace Comic Books!

Mark Paniccia takes over MyCup o' Joe

Joe's still out! This week we step into the Panic Room as Marvel editor Mark Paniccia sits down with journalist Jim McLauchlin and answers a whole slew of questions ranging from AGENTS OF ATLAS to THE INCREDIBLE HERCULES! Did you think the Red Hulk punching the Watcher was hysterical? Mark did too! Find out how that whole scene came to be in this week's MyCup o' Panic only at MySpace Comic Books! Also, we haven't forgotten about all you Secret Invasion fans because this week we've got all new art for SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS! You have been keeping Joe busy with all your questions while he's been away. This is your chance to get your questions answered. Ever wonder why your favorite hero gets the short end of the stick all the time? Or how about why the Red Hulk...is red? Want to get in on the action? Head over MySpace Comic Books to leave your questions for Joe Q and he'll answer them each and every Friday!

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