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Thor Enters the Secret Invasion As The Skrulls Attack Asgard!

The God of Thunder wages war against the Skrulls

The Skrulls are here and the God of Thunder himself is ready for battle, so True Believers better brace themselves for SECRET INVASION: THOR #1! Matt Fraction, the acclaimed scribe behind THOR: REIGN OF BLOOD and AGES OF THUNDER returns to Thor for this Secret Invasion tie-in and this time he's teaming up with fan favorite, and newly Marvel exclusive, artist Doug Braithwaite! The Skrulls are invading Asgard and it's up to Thor to fight off their armies, but to make things wors,e the citizens of the small innocent town of Broxton, Oklahoma may end up as collateral damage! Now that there are two cities to defend Thor is going to need a lot of help and Beta Ray Bill is just the man for the job. He's back and ready to help Thor teach the Skrulls what it means to mess with a God! "Once again, Matt Fraction puts on a clinic entitled /How to Freaking Write Thor Comics' and anyone utilizing the character should pay attention." – ComicsBulletin.Com "It's abundantly clear that Fraction spent more than a few nights researching what makes these myths tick, as he perfectly encapsulates the strident atmosphere in which ancient cultures used to control the masses through fear." – IGN.Com Marvel urges all retailers to check their orders on SECRET INVASION: THOR #1 and all of the other Secret Invasion tie-ins as they continue to sell out at Diamond! SECRET INVASION: THOR #1 (JUN082354) Written By: MATT FRACTION Penciled By: DOUG BRAITHWAITE Cover By: GABRIELE DELL"OTTO RATED T+…$2.99 FOC—7/24/08, On-Sale—8/13/08 To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook



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