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San Diego Comic-Con 2008

SDCC '08: Khoi Pham Signs Exclusive

The MIGHTY AVENGERS artist makes his Marvel with an exclusive contract

By Nick Mercurio As announced yesterday at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, artist Khoi Pham has signed an exclusive contract with Marvel. Fans may recognize Pham from his past work on FANTASTICK FOUR 1602, WHAT IF? SPIDER-MAN: OTHER and most recently INCREDIBLE HERCULES as well as the Secret Invasion tie-in issues of MIGHTY AVENGERS. For the artist, the exclusive contract presents a few perks. "It let me quit my day job and focus on drawing comics full time," explains Pham. "And I don't have to wear a suit anymore. Hell, I don't have to wear anything if I don't want to anymore."

Pencil art by
Khoi Pham

A talented artist known for his dynamic action sequences, Pham draws from a wide variety of sources for inspiration: "I try and learn a little bit from every artist out there, past and present, but I think the more notable ones are [John Romita Jr.], [Travis] Charest, [Walt] Simonson, [Leinil] Yu, [Neal] Adams, [Barry] Windsor-Smith, [Olivier] Coipel, [David] Mazzucchelli, [Frank] Miller, [Mike] Mignola, [Steve] McNiven and of course [Howard] Chaykin, [Klaus] Janson, and [Phil] Jimenez." Pham's passion for his work shows through in his art and in his attitude. As for future characters he would like to draw, Pham says, "I'm still enjoying just drawing for

Pencil art by
Khoi Pham

Marvel right now to even think about being choosy." There's no doubt that Pham's work will be seen throughout the Marvel Universe for years to come, but for fans looking to get their Pham fix right now, they need look no further than upcoming issues of MIGHTY AVENGERS. For up to the minute Marvel news spinning out of the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, visit the Marvel.com SDCC news hub. And while you're waiting in between announcements, spend some time over at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!




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