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San Diego Comic-Con 2008

SDCC '08: Paolo Rivera Goes Exclusive

The Mythos artist brings his game to Marvel and gets set to swing with Spider-Man

By Nathan Smith This past Friday at Comic-Con, Marvel announced the signing of artist Paolo Rivera to an exclusive contract. Renowned for his painted work on the Mythos series-most recently including MYTHOS: CAPTAIN AMERICA and MYTHOS: SPIDER-MAN-Rivera has also provided covers to MARVEL ILLUSTRATED: THE ILLIAD and THE TWELVE. Now that he has finally landed at Marvel full-time, Rivera plans to make the House of Ideas his home for the long haul. "It's a great feeling to be in demand," remarks the artist. "I'm going to ride this horse until it's dead-and flogged by [Mythos writer] Paul Jenkins." Rivera has already started on new work for Marvel and has his work cut out for him with a full slate of exciting projects.

art by
Paolo Rivera

"Right now, I'm working on an issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN," he shares. "If everything works out okay, I wouldn't mind doing more in the future. I've also got a few more covers for THE TWELVE. There may be some more ancient Greeks in my future as well." Now with a chance to work on some of favorite characters and creators, when asked who he would like to work on and with, Rivera responded: "Silver Surfer and Wolverine. And I still wish we had gotten around to [Mythos specials on Iron Man and Daredevil.] [As for creators,] I just picked up the entire run of ASTONISHING X-MEN and was quite impressed, so Joss Whedon comes to mind." With Paolo Rivera's extraordinary talent now on board, expect to see more from this brilliant artist as he breaks into the Marvel scene. For up to the minute Marvel news spinning out of the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, visit the Marvel.com SDCC news hub. And while you're waiting in between announcements, spend some time over at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!



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