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Civil War: Front Line

Stryker is bringing his own form of Decimation to the New X-Men and now it's the kids' last stand in New X-Men #27. Armed with knowledge of the future thanks to the futuristic Sentinel Nimrod, Rev. Stryker stands poised ready to make Nimrod's possible future of a world without mutants a sobering reality. And he's starting with the New X-Men. Having already killed scores of students at Xavier's Academy, Stryker storms the X-Mansion looking to finish off the rest of the student body in New X-Men #27. After last issue's deaths of several fan-favorites, none of the kids are safe from writers Chris Yost and Craig Kyle who have turned the world of the New X-Men on its head. You cannot afford to miss the final chapter of "Crusade" and find out which, if any, of the students will be left standing in New X-Men #27. NEW X-MEN #27 (APR062066) Written by CHRIS YOST & CRAIG KYLE Pencils & Cover by PACO MEDINA FOC - 5/18, On Sale - 6/7/2006



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