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San Diego Comic-Con 2008

SDCC '08: New Direction for Thunderbolts

Editor Bill Rosemann discusses Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre's fresh plan for THUNDERBOLTS

By Tim Stevens Change happens to us all. Especially those that call themselves Thunderbolts. Having just recently moved from a team of former super villains hoping to make amends for past sins to a government organization of less contrite villains conscripted into rounding up unregistered super powered individuals, the Thunderbolts must now prepare to enter a new stage of development, ushered in by writer Andy Diggle and artist Roberto De La Torre. "My all-wise boss [Executive Editor] Tom Brevoort mentioned to me that Andy might be interested in writing for the House of Ideas, and we both felt he'd be a great fit for the nasty turns that Thunderbolts would soon be taking," editor Bill Rosemann recalls.

At the same time, Rosemann, who had edited De La Torre's work on MS. MARVEL, approached the artist and offered what De La Torre characterizes as a "project loaded with very very interesting adjectives." "Fortunately, both creators were interested and available." Rosemann says. "As Andy showed in books like Losers and Green Arrow: Year One, and Roberto has shown in IRON MAN, both guys are the perfect team for the job." What the new direction might be remains largely under wraps, but Rosemann will tease that, following Secret Invasion, "some people in very high places have big plans for the T-Bolts-plans that will result in lots and lots of pain." "We're shooting for dark humor, brilliant plot twists, and hard-hitting, military-flavored action," states Rosemann, elaborating on what fans should expect from the book's tone.

"This will be a dark, dangerous and action-packed book, full of surprises," adds De La Torre. Deflecting any further inquiries, the artist simply responds, "All I can say right now is that I'm so excited with this book." For up to the minute Marvel news spinning out of the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, visit the Marvel.com SDCC news hub. And while you're waiting in between announcements, spend some time over at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!



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