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Guardians of the Galaxy: An Enemy Within?

Marvel.com ponders the possibilities of a Skrull infestation within the Guardians of the Galaxy

By Jim Beard Being a member of a roving band of cosmic defenders doesn't exclude you from Skrull scrutiny! In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #4, by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Paul Pelletier and due August 20, the Skrull Search begins and no Guardian stands above suspicion. Where do the odds fall that one member of the coolest spacefarers ever hides a Skrull skull from his or her comrades? Glad you asked! Follow along, True Believer!

ADAM WARLOCK An artificially crafted being, Adam Warlock exudes power and mystery. Adam's nature compels him to wander but currently he's found a kind of home among the Guardians of the Galaxy. FOR: Adam expressed interest in forming the new Guardians-a good place for a Skrull to hide-and his many travels and travails, including a literal wandering soul, provide many opportunities for Skrull-ifying. AGAINST: Warlock's many powers and abilities make him difficult for a Skrull to overcome and even more difficult to duplicate. Plus, he's too freaky to replace. ODDS: 10-1

GAMORA The sole survivor of a far-flung alien race, Gamora wields the sword Godslayer and uses her incredible flexible abilities to aid the Guardians on their dangerous missions. FOR: Gamora's gotten a bit too close to Nova, gone all weird with the Phalanx, and of course she's got that whole green skin thing going on. 'Nuff said. AGAINST: If you were a Skrull would you want to get within even half a mile of Godslayer? ODDS: 20-1

DRAX Created by Mentor of Titan for the sole purpose of destroying the mad god Thanos, Drax has cut a large path of destruction through the galaxy and currently serves with the Guardians partly to honor the death of his daughter, Moondragon, and partly because he'd be bored otherwise. FOR: Drax's typical nasty disposition has taken an even surlier turn of late, a fact not unnoticed by his teammate, Quasar. Also, he shares two traits with Gamora: recent Phalanx possession and, yep, the green skin. AGAINST: Pretty hard to get close enough to Drax the friggin' Destroyer and replace him if he doesn't want to be replaced... ODDS: 25-1

STARHAWK Master of cosmic energy, the enigmatic Starhawk blew onto the Guardians' scene only recently, causing chaos and questions. FOR: This mysterious guy could be anybody! AGAINST: How would the Skrulls possess enough knowledge of such a being to be able to mug him and replace him? And why? ODDS: 50-1

QUASAR Daughter of the famous Captain Marvel-one of the Skrulls' most hated foes-Phyla-Vell makes her way around the galaxy sporting the history-laden name of Quasar. Did we mention she's pretty powerful? FOR: Somewhat unsure of herself, Phyla would make an attractive target-plus, no self-respecting Skrull would pass up the chance to stain the Mar-Vell name. AGAINST: Could a lowly Skrull really handle the energy of the Quantum Bands? ODDS: 50-1

VANCE ASTRO Possessed of fantastic mental abilities and an intense admiration of Captain America, Vance became the leader of the original Guardians of the Galaxy, albeit in an alternate universe, and recently turned up in ours under still murky circumstances. FOR: The incredible circumstances of his introduction to the new Guardians would be a good way to lower the team's defenses for infiltration. AGAINST: Mantis mentally confirmed his identity-unless she's a dirty Skrull, too! ODDS: 75-1

ROCKET RACCOON Once a genetically-altered animal guard for the mentally ill, Rocket's the feisty captain of his own starship-and his destiny. FOR: Aww, he's so darn cute! Who would suspect him of Skrull-iness? AGAINST: Why would a Skrull want to pose as a talking, bipedal carnivore of the genus Procyon? ODDS: 100-1 Learn the Skrull in the Guardians' midst on August 20 in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #4-but first, check out the events that led to the team's formation with the ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST PROLOGUE in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

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