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Unlimited Highlights

Digital Comics Highlights: Inhumans

Check out five digital comics featuring your favorite superhumans from the Blue Area of the Moon

By Daniel Ciszek Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. With SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS #1 hitting stands this week, we bring to you five digital comics featuring the the best that the Blue Area of the Moon has to offer! See the Inhumans appear for the first time and then watch their evolution over the years, courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

FANTASTIC FOUR v1 #45 Doesn't it seem like the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans would have a lot in common? Maybe that's the very reason why they didn't get along at first. When the Fantastic Four find Johnny Storm amongst the Inhumans, a battle ensues and Black Bolt, the mighty leader of the outrageous outcasts, shows up to subvert the perceived threat from humanity! Witness the awkward introduction of the two groups as the Inhumans appear for the first time in the Marvel Universe.

FANTASTIC FOUR v1 #83 With the Inhumans and Fantastic Four imprisoned, Black Bolt's mad brother Maximus carries out his plan to usurp the Inhuman throne and blanket all mankind with his giant hypno-gun! Unfortunately for him, insanity proves no substitute for Black Bolt's nuclear blast of a voice and Reed Richards' ability to think his way out of any situation. But while they might free themselves, can our heroes stop the wild man before it's too late?

INHUMANS #1 (2003) After undergoing Terrigenesis, San finds himself not transformed into the warrior Inhuman he always dreamed he would be, but who cares when he's summoned by Black Bolt to go on an impromptu mission to Earth? INHUMANS #1 sets up a series that promises to uproot expectations and showcase familiar characters in a new light.

INHUMANS 2099 #1 Unfrozen after 50 years, Black Bolt learns the fate of his fellow Inhumans. A craft lost in deep space hangs in the balance of the time-lost Inhuman's vocal chords as an old nemesis tests the monarch's ability to survive in this new world. The story of a young boy entering the Terrigen Mists for the first time runs parallel to Bolt's struggles in this emotional one-shot!

SILENT WAR #1 The Terrigen Crystals have been stolen! The Inhumans place the blame squarely on humanity and resolve to both set the record straight and get back the very essence of their culture. Waging a silent war on mankind under the leadership of the speechless Black Bolt, will the Inhumans reveal themselves to be true villains or should the finger of blame be pointed closer to home?

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