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Spider-Man: Brand New Invasion

Brian Reed chats about Spidey’s supporting cast slugging it out with Skrulls in SECRET INVASION: SPIDER-MAN—BRAND NEW DAY



By Tim Stevens For an upstart hero in Manhattan, proving yourself in the shadow of more established vigilantes like Spider-Man can't be an easy task. However, operating in the Big Apple tends to mean that an opportunity will present itself at some to demonstrate your greatness. For one hero, that time has arrived. Too bad "opportunity" means repelling part of the Skrull invasion all by her lonesome. The relatively green Jackpot faces that very situation in SECRET INVASION: SPIDER-MAN—BRAND NEW DAY #1 by writer Brian Reed and artist Marco Santucci, on sale August 27. The redheaded heroine already has enough to worry about before the Skrulls even march into town according to Reed as she, "makes a mistake, and the DB makes a big deal about it."

Preview art by
Marco Santucci

Jackpot hardly has time to be angry, however, as the alien armada storms New York City with the Avengers nowhere to be seen. "[Jackpot is] completely on her own and finds herself having to protect the same DB employees she was angry with for defaming her," Reed reveals. The threat would be enough to make Spidey himself shake in his boots. As described by the writer, Jackpot has to face down "a Super Skrull that has the combined powers of six of Spider-Man's greatest foes." The malicious enemy, the "Sinister Six Super-Skrull," as nicknamed by Reed, "seems awfully intent on killing anyone it can get its claws on." For the writer, Jackpot presents an enjoyable creative challenge. "You have something of a blank slate to work with, and that's great, but it also means you don't have 40 years of history

Preview art by
Marco Santucci

to lean on," says Reed. "Conversely, you don't have 40 years of history holding you down. The new kid can make some choices and do some things that a more established character might not." And speaking of the more established character, with all this talk of Jackpot, why does Spider-Man get top billing? "Spider-Man is all anyone is thinking about, and in some cases talking about," Reed explains. "He's what's driving every beat of action.—even when he's not in Manhattan. I promise that will make more sense to you as the first issue hits." To see how all the pieces fit together, and what powers that Sinister Six Super-Skrull possesses, swing your way to shelves on August 27 for SECRET INVASION: SPIDER-MAN--BRAND NEW DAY #1. For more by Brian Reed, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

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