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Marvel U: Olympic Host City Hopefuls

Find out the pros and cons of potential Marvel Olympic locales!

By Doug Cion, Daniel Ciszek, Nick Mercurio, Marika Robak and Nathan Smith with Ben Morse and Mike Pasciullo With the Olympics opening in Beijing today, we here at Marvel.com polled the denizens of the Marvel U and compiled a list of potential host cities! Of course, each exotic locale has its pros and cons-find out all about them here!

Blue Area of the Moon

BLUE AREA OF THE MOON A competition between the Kree and the Cotati is the very reason the Blue Area of the Moon was created. Only the Kree were sore losers and initiated a millennia-long conflict with the moderators, the Skrulls. Yeah, Skrulls. Ugh. Anyway, it's good enough for Utau the Watcher and the Inhumans to call home so it's good enough for us! Here's how it shapes up as a potential Olympic host city. Pros:
  • Being able to breathe here may actually be less of a concern than in Beijing.
  • There aren't any swimming pools in the Blue Area, so we won't have to see Michael Phelps reappear from four years of complete obscurity to hear about how he's going to break every record ever known to mankind, again.
  • The Women's U.S. Olympics Gymnastics team is exposed to the Terrigen Mists and becomes the Men's U.S. Olympics Wrestling team.
  • The Women's U.S. Olympics Gymnastics team is exposed to the Terrigen Mists and becomes the Men's U.S. Olympics Wrestling team.
  • Uatu the Watcher's always sticking his big forehead in other people's business.
  • Black Bolt's insistence to sing Inhuman national anthem leads to mass chaos and destruction.
Spotlight Comic: INHUMANS #1

Broxton, Oklahoma

BROXTON, OKLAHOMA Broxton, Oklahoma. Probably not the first place you conjure when you think of the Marvel U-or the Olympics...or, well, anything, for that matter. But as the new home of Asgard City, the realm of the mighty Thor and the rest of his Norse buddies, Broxton is one patch of the Great Plains that just ain't so plain anymore. Pros:
  • Inclement weather a non-issue with the God of Thunder standing by.
  • Security? Also a non-issue. If the presence of Norse gods doesn't discourage potential terrorists then we don't know what would.
  • It would be the biggest entertainment event the sleepy little town has ever seen-no longer will one have to drive to Oklahoma City for "an Xbox or an arcade!"
  • Loki certain to be hanging around Olympic Village hawking Golden Apples as performance enhancers.
  • As a non-resident of Earth, Thor gets testy when denied entry into hammer throw event.
  • Hercules shows up for games honoring his people-massive brawl ensues.
Spotlight Comic: THOR #2


ATLANTIS A sunken human city inhabited by the aquatic "homo mermanus" species, Atlantis is a beautiful, underwater paradise. Ruled by the human/Atlantean hybrid Prince Namor, Atlantis has vacillated between a friend of the terrestrial world and a foe. The heroes that have sprung from its illustrious waters include Namora, another Human/Atlantean hybrid, her daughter Namorita and of course Namor the Sub-Mariner. Though recently destroyed by the super villain Nitro, Atlantis had a long-standing bid for the Olympics before this tragedy occurred. Pros:
  • Dehydration really isn't a concern.
  • All the natives wear bikinis and Speedos.
  • All the seafood you can eat!
  • "Shark Week" takes on a whole new meaning.
  • It would be too easy for Hydro Man to bypass security.
  • On second thought, it's all salt water: dehydration = MAJOR CONCERN.
Spotlight Comic: SUB-MARINER #1


LATVERIA There may be no other place more welcoming for the world's best athletes than the Kingdom of Latveria. An immense population of robots mingles with the citizenry-all under the dictatorship rule of Marvel's master of evil Dr. Doom. Latveria's strict law enforcement, time travel capabilities and fine dining make it a good place for the world's athletic ambassadors to gather; either at the capital Doomstadt, the city of Doomsburg, Castle Doom or the Citadel of Doom. Sounds inviting, no? Pros:
  • All events will start on time...Or else.
  • Streets will remain clean and orderly...Or else.
  • Dr. Doom...Surprisingly tasteful decorator.
  • Latverian team wins every gold medal...Or else.
  • One word: Doombots.
  • No other countries invited.
Spotlight Comic: STAN LEE MEETS DR. DOOM #1

Savage Land

SAVAGE LAND At the center of this summer's mega-event "Secret Invasion" the Savage Land is well known for its native inhabitants. Mainly, the dinosaurs. The Savage Land is currently the home of Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil, but in the past has also hosted the headquarters of such nefarious villains as Magneto and Mr. Sinister. Pros:
  • Ample accommodations provided by ruins of various citadels, temples and other former villainous headquarters.
  • Between Zabu, Devil Dinosaur and others, no shortage of Olympic mascot hopefuls.
  • Plenty of opportunities for sightseeing...
  • ...If one can avoid the occasional hungry T-Rex and other predators.
  • Beach Volleyball on quicksand-not ideal.
  • Crudely-run barbarian government leaves spectators longing for Dr. Doom's efficient schedule making abilities.
Spotlight Comic: NEW AVENGERS #5

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