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The Mighty Marvel Podcast

Eternals Podcast and Digital Comics

Acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman sits down with Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada to talk Eternals and now you get to listen in! Too big for just one podcast, Marvel will be releasing this three part podcast in the coming week with part one now available on Marvel.com. Neil Gaiman's dishes on all the Eternals, giving fans new and old a preview of what he has in store for these thousand year old beings. Gaiman promises that Eternals will firmly cement the Eternals and their extended mythos into the Marvel Universe... and neither the Eternals Universe nor the Marvel Universe will ever be the same again. The acclaimed writer of 1602 brings you a tale of adventure, love affairs, and betrayals in the mighty Marvel manner that is guaranteed to be one of the biggest events of 2006. Immortals with amazing powers have watched civilizations rise and fall...so why does no one remember them? Find out that and more in Gaiman and Romita Jr.'s Eternals #1 on sale June 21. For part 1 of the podcast with Joe Quesada and Neil Gaiman, click here . For a digital comic of Eternals #1 by Jack Kirby and the John Romita Jr. Eternals Sketchbook, visit Marvel's Digital Comics page.



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