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MDCU Creator Spotlight

Digital Comics Creator Spotlight: Paul Cornell

The CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI: 13 writer gives a European history lesson

Every week, we'll tap one creator to browse Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and pick some of their favorite work from the expansive catalog. This week: CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI: 13 writer Paul Cornell looks back at the premiere British comic of yesteryear, EXCALIBUR:


"The original EXCALIBUR series is something I enjoy a great deal. It's an outreach comic: it says to the audience that we're all here to have fun, so there'll be characterization and action, but also frame-breaking humor, in-jokes, stuff done just because we'd all like to see it. And that feeling turned out to be the correct one on the part of its creators." "It's an enormous Chris Claremont playground, it attracted a vast audience, it remains great fun today, and at its best it achieved a kind of giddy lunacy which represents one small part of the British character very well. It's not where I am with Captain Britain now, because now he's Daniel Craig and not Roger Moore, but let's not forget that Roger Moore was wildly successful and brilliant at what he did. And this comic loves Kitty Pryde as much as I do."
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