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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Ultimate Nick Fury

A look back at the Ultimates founder's early years as a soldier and his mental state following a traumatic event

By Tim Stevens From the S.H.I..E.L.D. Archives... First Lieutenant Nicholas Fury is a black male of above average physical fitness. He presents as confident and intelligent, but resentful. In session it is not unusual for the client to refuse to answer questions or to insult the writer. The Lieutenant is currently undergoing a six-month program of evaluation to determine what long-term effects, if any, exposure to [REDACTED] while participating in [REDACTED]. The client is compliant in that he is attending, but, as mentioned above, his participation within session is often minimal at best and counterproductive at worst.

With this in mind, the writer encourages those reviewing this report to take this into consideration when reviewing the findings within. As best as the writer can estimate, Lieutenant Fury has suffered no serious effects from his exposure to [REDACTED]. Preliminary physical exams reveal no limitations in reflexes, vision, or cardiovascular functions. There is some evidence to suggest that he is operating above and beyond typical human functioning, but this has yet to satisfactorily substantiated. Despite the rather violent reaction that the client exhibited at the time of administration, it appears to have done no permanent damage. Similarly, Fury's cognitive functions do not seem to have been impacted. In memory tests, he in fact well above average. Due to both sets of results, the writer feels comfortable concluding that the client did not suffer a substance-induced traumatic brain injury.

However, the writer does not necessarily rule out the possibility of the serum having altered the client's body chemistry in some way. Fury seems quicker to anger than his history prior to participation in the [REDACTED] would indicate. His outbursts came on rapidly and took far longer to dissipate than the writer would have expected prior to meeting the Lieutenant. Also problematic, although most likely unrelated to the serum, is the client's need to control those around him. He is prone to secrecy and manipulation and has repeatedly stated that he has little issue with "using people" to get what he wants. When the client first arrived, he was often clumsy at his attempts to control his environment, but he has shown increasing signs of savvy. This most recently resulted in the client's successful cajoling of staff to allow him to see the records of another client, a rival of sorts for Fury. Unfortunately, this was not discovered until the client had effectively utilized the other's information to force the other to go AWOL and be, subsequently, dishonorably discharged. While the writer knows it is the primary concern of this body that Fury be evaluated for any negative reactions to [REDACTED] it is highly recommended that the focus be shifted to manipulation and control as the primary target behaviors of therapy.

Please review Lieutenant Fury's file, available under the call sign ULTIMATE ORIGINS #4 on September 3, by Doctors Brian Michael Bendis and Butch Guice. Tim Stevens is a Mental Health Supervisor currently pursuing his Psy D who has experience in dealing with individuals with personality disorders. For more of the Ultimate Universe's Nick Fury, take a trip to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.



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