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Mary Jane: On the Clock

MJ has her first day at her new job next month in SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE and writer Terry Moore fills us in

Preview art by
Craig Rousseau

By Marc Strom Mary Jane Watson has officially joined the labor market. On September 3, MJ will add "beauty salon receptionist" to her nascent resume in the pages of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE #2. We spoke with series writer Terry Moore about the future super-model/actress' humble beginnings, and he says that for the rambunctious redhead, starting her first job won't prove too much of a problem. "It starts out kind of rough, but she's a smart girl," the writer divulges. "She gets the hang of it quick." Of course, while her job will help MJ line her pockets, it will also have a few other ramifications. "Jobs do get in the way of your social life, don't they," hints the author. For Moore, putting Mary Jane in the work force seemed like a logical move forward—if for no other reason than so she could talk on the phone to her friends more often.

Preview art by
Craig Rousseau

"Reality bites," as Moore bluntly puts it. "I don't know many kids who don't have to work, especially now that they're generating these massive phone bills. Used to be kids needed gas money. Now nobody drives if they can help it, but everybody has a phone bill." Taking on another responsibility seems little challenge to the already very mature Mary Jane, but just because she can take care of herself doesn't mean she knows it all. "She has a mature side, but hey, [she's] 16 years old," Moore explains. "Lots to come, lots to deal with, you know? I think of this series as stories about how Mary Jane became the woman we know today." And while MJ has recently managed to keep her head above the angst-ridden waters her fellow teenagers inhabit, could she maintain her poise even if someone started spreading some nasty rumors about her? "Now there's a story," Moore coyly responds. "Someone should write about that and find out."

Preview art by
Craig Rousseau

Besides the rumor mongering and first day butterflies, Moore says fans can expect quite a bit coming up in the series. "Well, if there was a TV commercial airing for the upcoming episodes of MJ, you'd see Gwen telling a joke through a bullhorn to the girls aerobic class, Harry racing through the school parking lot in a BMW, and Spider-Man, doing whatever a spider can," the writer describes. To check out the first issue of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE for free, head over to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!
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