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Secret Invasion

Guardians of the Galaxy: Trust No One

As Secret Invasion presses on and War of Kings looms, writer Dan Abnett talks about creating a cosmic pressure cooker

By Ben Morse When those self-appointed to guard the entire galaxy can't get along, what hope do the rest of us have? The Skrull campaign launched against Earth has indeed extended its distrust and paranoia all the way to the far reaches of space, where Star-Lord and his already loose-knit team have begun to feel effects that will only intensify on September 10 when GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #5 soars onto stands. "It's pretty claustrophobic and locked in to Knowhere," explains series co-writer Dan Abnett of the Guardians' current plight, quarantined with scores of aliens, friendly and otherwise, on their far out space station home. "Which isn't to say Star-Lord and the others wouldn't like to be out there

cover by
Clint Langley

kicking Skrull butt. However, the crisis on the station pretty much limits what they can do." As if the implication that any of the Guardians could be a Skrull in disguise didn't impose enough of a headache on cosmic fans, the recently-revealed cover to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #7 appears to be missing the likes of Star-Lord, Adam Warlock, Quasar, Drax and Gamora, with Major Victory, Groot, Mantis and Bug taking their place alongside Rocket Raccoon-what gives? "During Secret Invasion, everything comes apart at the seams," reveals Abnett. "With all the distrust and suspicion around, there's some major fallout, and the shockwaves will roll for some time to come." Whoever fills the Guardians' ranks when the Skrull campaign ends for better or worse will get no vacation as they roll immediately into the next cosmic epic, War of Kings. With Vulcan, the Shi'ar, the Inhumans and more all known to be major parts of the impending War, the Guardians may find themselves internally split once again.

preview art by
Paul Pelletier

"It's a 2.0 cosmic war, it's a major shake-up, it may even be an Annihilation-class event," says Abnett of War of Kings. "It's exactly what [the Guardians] were formed to prevent. But which of the several sides will they take?" As far as the ongoing subplots running through GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY involving the enigmatic Starhawk as well as the sinister Church of Universal Truth, Abnett vows they will not be placed on the backburner as the big events keep on coming: "As far as GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY goes, everything happens at once!" GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #5, co-written by Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Paul Pelletier, beams down on September 10, but right now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited go catch up on the exploits of Star-Lord!
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