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Fan Expo Canada 2008

Fan Expo 2008: Darkhawk Returns

Writer Dan Abnett gives the details on bringing back and a fan favorite in the pages of NOVA

By Ben Morse The skies will be getting a bit darker over the Marvel Universe next month, but in a landscape plagued by a Secret Invasion, that could be just what the world needs. Indeed cult favorite hero Darkhawk glides back onto the scene in NOVA #17 on September 24 courtesy of co-writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning as well as artist Wellinton Alves. According to Abnett, the former New Warrior could be hanging close to the Human Rocket for more than just this limited engagement. "Darkhawk has a very specific role in this story, which [has] to do with the job he's holding down when Nova meets him," explains the writer. "There's a good chance he might get involved in some of the bigger stories to come in both NOVA and War of Kings-if he survives Secret Invasion." Created by former Marvel Editor-In-Chief-and current AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL writer-Tom DeFalco and artist Mike Manley,

NOVA #17 cover
by Paul Davidson

teenager Chris Powell debuted as Darkhawk in his own self-titled series in 1991, discovering a mysterious extraterrestrial amulet that provided him with powerful armor he used to fight the forces of evil. Darkhawk would go on to join the New Warriors on a part-time basis, serving alongside Nova and others, and made his most recent appearance in the 2007 limited series THE LONERS, where he joined a group of other former super heroes attempting to leave their masked identities behind. "[He's got] a cool design, and he's an underused, underappreciated character, like Nova was," says Abnett of Darkhawk's appeal. "Plus, with his hothead manner, he reminds us a little bit of Rich [Rider aka Nova] before he got all space war veteran on us." Add to that already intriguing dynamic the aforementioned New Warriors ties between Nova and Darkhawk and you've got the making of an action-packed reunion already, but Abnett cautions that all may not be as it seems: "This is Secret Invasion-even if you know somebody from way back, is it really them?" Anything else you'd like to take us home on, Dan? "The story arc does have another big returning character." For more of the latest news coming out of Toronto Fan Expo 2008, visit Marvel.com's hub page!



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