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Fan Expo Canada 2008

Fan Expo 2008: Eye of the Camera

Tom Brevoort gives the scoop on the long-awaited sequel to MARVELS

By Tim Stevens Some comic projects come together quickly and some take a bit longer. EYE OF THE CAMERA, the sequel to 1994's classic MARVELS limited series, definitely fits into the latter category. "We started working on this project in 2002, foolishly intending for it to be released on the Tenth Anniversary of MARVELS," recalls editor Tom Brevoort. "But that very quickly proved to be a pipe dream-and from then on, nobody wanted to compromise on the quality of the series." Thus, without compromise, EYE OF THE CAMERA stands of the precipice of release. All indications point to it being worth the wait. Written by original MARVELS co-creator Kurt Busiek and painted by Jay Anacleto, the story once again focuses on the human perspective of the wonders and horrors of the Marvel Universe.

"EYE OF THE CAMERA follows the life of Phil Sheldon through the course of Marvel history," continues Brevoort. "This story picks up shortly after MARVELS left off, with Phil getting some life-altering news. From there, it continues forward, intersecting and interacting with stories published in the 1970's and 1980's. We'll also be seeing a few earlier moments that got skipped over in the original MARVELS." Wanting EYE to be as absorbing as MARVELS, Brevoort hesitates to disclose all that fans can expect to see. However, he does say, "We'll be covering a broad spectrum of Marvel events, everything from the first appearance of the Punisher in Manhattan to the rise of monsters such as Man-Thing and Werewolf By Night, to the X-Men's seeming death in Dallas during Fall of the Mutants to SECRET WARS II and beyond." With events that big, it might be easy to lose Sheldon in the shuffle, but the creators have no intention of allowing that to happen. "We're going to be covering the entire tapestry of the Marvel Universe, and juxtaposing it against the events in Phil's life and his experiences of being on the fringes of these events," Brevoort asserts. Now, for the first time in 14 years, readers will have an opportunity to stand on the fringes and experience the growing pains of the Marvel Universe right alongside Sheldon. For more of the latest news coming out of Toronto Fan Expo 2008, visit Marvel.com's hub page!

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