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Fan Expo Canada 2008

Fan Expo 2008: Weapon X: First Class

Writer Marc Sumerak talks bringing Wolverine back to Weapon X

By Marc Strom This November, Wolverine will begin learning about his past all over again. The three-issue WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS limited series, written by Marc Sumerak with art by Mark Robinson and Tim Seeley and beginning in November, will return the mysterious X-Man to his days with the enigmatic Weapon X program. "WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS follows Wolverine and Charles Xavier in their search to unlock the memories buried deep within Logan's fractured psyche," explains Sumerak. "The series takes place a short while after Wolverine joined the X-Men, a time when much of his past was still a mystery, even to Wolverine himself." Don't just expect a simple rehashing of Barry Windsor-Smith's classic "Weapon X" story, however.

#1 cover by
Michael Ryan

"WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS uses the original story as a foundation and explores entirely new areas of that chapter in Wolverine's life," promises Sumerak. "Think of it as a look in-between the panels of the classic tale." While the series will star Wolverine and Professor X, readers can expect more characters from Wolvie's extended supporting cast to make appearances. "We'll see a number of familiar faces, including the other X-Men, Sabretooth and more," reveals Sumerak. "Oh, and I can't forget Deadpool and Gambit! It's a star-studded spectacular!" As an added bonus, every issue of WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS will contain two stories, allowing Sumerak to explore Wolverine's supporting cast in even greater detail. "Each issue has a 22-page lead story drawn by Mark Robinson and a 10-page back-up story drawn by Tim Seeley," the scribe tells us. "The lead stories in all three issues connect to tell one long tale starring Wolverine and Professor X. "The back-up stories are all individual looks into the lives of some major Marvel characters whose pasts were affected in some way by Logan's days with Weapon X," Sumerak continues. "[They] will feature Sabretooth, Deadpool and Gambit." For more of the latest news coming out of Toronto Fan Expo 2008, visit Marvel.com's hub page!

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