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Character Close Up

Character Close Up: Bullseye

Observe Bullseye outside his comfort zone, taking on the Marvel Universe

By Tim Stevens Ask any comic fan who Bullseye hates most in the Marvel Universe and you will almost certainly hear "Daredevil" in response. As such, the hired gun spends most of his time trying to kill, embarrass, or destroy the Scarlet Swashbuckler and his nearest and dearest. That said, on September 17 in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #572, Bullseye decides to mix things up a bit, taking on the Wallcrawler at the behest of the U.S. Government. This does not mark the first time the hitman for hire has decided to inject a little diversity into his life, as Bullseye has tangled with, to varying degrees of success, some of the biggest names in the Marvel Universe. Consider these highlights...

Bullseye v. Captain America CAPTAIN AMERICA v1 #372-378 (1990) After a friend succumbs to the allure of the street drug Ice, Captain America makes it his mission to get the product off the streets. Things get complicated quickly as Cap finds himself in the midst of a territory dispute between the Kingpin and the Red Skull. While both search for clues at a construction site, Bullseye and the Star-Spangled Avenger run afoul of each other. Cap attempts to close the gap between the two to engage the assassin in hand-to-hand combat while the man who cannot miss uses everything he can get his hands on in an effort to breach the Sentinel of Liberty's shield. Victor: Draw. Using a flashlight as decoy, Bullseye draws first blood with a thrown shovel. However, Cap recovers and ably blocks everything else Bullseye throws at him. In the end, Bullseye opts to turn tail rather than continue to fight Winghead and the newly arrived Diamondback at the same time.

Bullseye v. Gambit GAMBIT v1 #17-19 (2000) Bullseye takes on an assignment as one of several professionals hired by New Sun to push the Ragin' Cajun to his limit in an attempt to unlock the whole of Gambit's potential. Gladly taking up the case, Bullseye attacks Gambit after the X-Man has already navigated through a series of low-level flunkies. Victor: Bullseye. Brutalizing the exhausted mutant, Bullseye controls the scuffle to the point that he can take time out to mock Gambit for, amongst other things, plagiarizing his signature card throwing. It ranks as the kind of beatdown that secures the marksman's reputation, no matter how often Daredevil beats him.

Bullseye v. Punisher-Round 1 PUNISHER v1 #101-104, PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v1 #79-80 (1995) Looking to eliminate all her problems in one fell swoop, mob boss Rosalie Carbone hires Bullseye to eliminate gangster rival Vito Vaducci as well as the Punisher. A melee of super powered individuals with competing agendas arises as Bullseye seeks to complete the contract. Victor: The Punisher. Bullseye makes three attempts on Frank's life, stymied at each of them. Interference from Phalanx-who Bullseye kills-and Stone Cold derail the first two cracks. The third time, Bullseye tries to get the drop on Punisher by dressing as a priest. In the end, Punny badly beats the assassin and shoots him through both hands in the hopes that Bullseye's skills would be ruined.

Bullseye v. Punisher-Round 2 PUNISHER VS BULLSEYE #1-5 (2006) Uncle Fonzie, who survived an earlier encounter with the Punisher and has been underground in a dress since decides that Frank Castle's one man war has gone on long enough. He sends word to his cousin that he wants a contract out on the Punisher's life and Bullseye, the first hired gun contacted, kills the messenger so no one can hone in on his act. Mayhem ensues. Victor: Bullseye. Frank gets in a few licks during a hand-to-hand sequence, but otherwise, Bullseye embarrasses him. In a series of manipulations that would make Bugs Bunny proud, the masked man outmaneuvers Castle every step of the way, securing two paydays along the way. To make the whole thing even more insulting, Bullseye committed the massacre that pushed Uncle Fonzie over the edge in the first place. Check out AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #572 on September 17 to see whether Bullseye can put this one in the win column when he and the rest of the Thunderbolts try to take down the ol' Webhead. And for more Bullseye, visit Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.
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