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TGIF: Dream Couples

In anticipation of the Next Avengers DVD, Marvel creators and editors list pairings of Marvel characters they'd like to see

In the "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow" DVD-on sale everywhere on Tuesday, September 2-we'll meet the newest generation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, a group that springs forth from couplings amongst the Avengers we know and love. While some of the Next Avengers' parents represent classic couples such as Hank Pym and the Wasp, others come a bit more unexpectedly, such as Captain America and the Black Widow. We asked some of Marvel's editors and creators which Marvel couples, both actual and idealized, they'd like to see settle down, grow old together, and maybe produce some super-powered rugrats along the way. It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.

Colossus &
Kitty Pryde

TODD NAUCK (artist of AMERICAN DREAM): My favorite Marvel couple would be Colossus and Kitty Pryde. I remember when Colossus got back from the first Secret War where he fell in love with a magical healer named Zsaji. There was this scene beautifully drawn by John Romita Jr. [in] UNCANNY X-MEN #183 where Colossus tells Kitty what happened and they broke up. It was charged with incredible emotion. I was like, "whoa." BILL ROSEMANN (Marvel editor): I could say Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, but I'm afraid Mephisto would come steal my soul. Plus we're already seeing that in the pages AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL. So instead I'll humbly plug one of my own books and say Medusa and Black Bolt. In SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS, the creative team of Joe Pokaski and Tom Raney are focusing on the intense bond between these uber-powerful heroes. It's not easy leading an entire kingdom into uncertain territory, but each uses their incredible inner strength to support one another.

Machine Man
& Jocasta

FRED VAN LENTE (co-writer of INCREDIBLE HERCULES): Why, Machine Man and Jocasta, of course, and all those of you who pick up the October-shipping MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 shall soon agree with me! Nine out of 10 matchmakers agree: robot love is the sweetest form of love of all. AXEL ALONSO (Marvel Executive Editor): Colleen Wing and Misty Knight! CHRISTOPHER YOST (co-writer of X-FORCE): Havok and Polaris! These two have been through the wringer over the years, having little obstacles like death, insanity, exile in other dimensions, blood feuds, demonic possession, Marauder possession and more all getting in the way of true love. But even though they're being tortured by Havok's little brother right now in X-MEN: KINGBREAKER-on sale in December!-you know their love will be stronger than ever. Even in death. That's X-Men love for ya. TOMMY LEE EDWARDS (artist of MARVEL 1985): This is an easy one for me.

Spider-Man &
the Black Cat

My favorite Marvel couple will always be Spider-Man and Black Cat. When I was a kid, I so badly wanted to have Spidey's life. He had the awesome black costume, and an even better girlfriend. Black Cat seemed like Spidey's equal as they skipped across the rooftops of Manhattan. She seemed fun. And she was sexy and called Spidey "Lover". Black Cat made my little 6th grade body feel all funny... WELLINTON ALVES (artist of NOVA): I'd love to see a teen Nova Corps. That would be great and different, with young warriors from all over the universe. MIKE PERKINS (upcoming artist of THE STAND: CAPTAIN TRIPS): My favorite Marvel couple, at this moment, is Bucky-Captain America/Winter Soldier-and the Black Widow. There's a certain amount of history there and they're just picking up the threads of a romance that both of them thought was dead...literally. I'm interested to see where this one could lead.

Cyclops &
Emma Frost

PAUL CORNELL (writer of CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI: 13): I really like Scott Summers and Emma Frost. I don't care if she's not actually British, she should be. She'd be a strict but fair Mum, although it'd be hard for her to tell a teenage daughter that they're not going out dressed like that. And her strength and interest in happiness are actually far better for Scott than Jean's investment in his angst. And she kept on dying and coming back, and what kind of absentee parent is that? Scott and Emma would have great kids. Actually, can we arrange to have this happen? In the current Marvel universe, I mean? I'd write that. IVAN BRANDON (writer of SECRET INVASION: HOME INVASION): Reed Richards and Doctor Doom. CARY BATES (writer of TRUE BELIEVERS): I think Wolverine and Madame Hydra should give marriage another shot; if they could just put past that messy Madripoor business behind them, maybe the second time around their romance could really soar. Given the steep

Wolverine &

odds of mutual spousal abuse here, growing old together may be too much to expect, but you never know. Love conquers all, right? RICK REMENDER (co-writer of PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL): Black Bolt and Medusa. Figure they've been through enough-plus, I'd like to see more Inhumans in general. It would be pretty cool if there were enough to populate the entire moon on a dozen new Inhuman cities. PHIL JIMENEZ (artist of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN): Would I be awful if I said Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson? RALPH MACCHIO (Marvel Senior Editor): My choice for a couple I would love to have seen grow older together would have been the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. There've been so many stories about their children existing, not existing, etc. I'd love to see what would've happened when Wanda started to age and get saggy

Moon Boy &
Devil Dinosaur

and nothing changed with the Vizh. What kind of stresses would that have caused in the marriage. Plus, the idea of a mutant married to an android is just a fascinating one and I would love have seen that played out over the course of years. But, until the real Vision comes back and Wanda gets back to her normal un-crazy self, I guess it's not to be. CHRISTOS GAGE (co-writer of AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE): Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy! Okay, not a romantic pairing per se, but they should definitely grow old together. Pre-order "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow" now on DVD and Blu-ray and find it in stores on Tuesday, Sept. 2. Plus, be sure to check out the official "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow" hub on MarvelKids.com!


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