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New Zombie Variant on Ultimate FF #31 and UFF #30 Has Sold Out!

The Marvel Zombie train continues to roll along as the return of the zombie Fantastic Four in the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 has driven fans into a feeding-frenzy for the issue and its Arthur Suydam zombie-variant. In fact, it's been devoured to the point that Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 has completely sold out at Diamond. The zombie-action doesn't stop there as Arthur Suydam will be providing another zombie-variant for Ultimate Fantastic Four #31 as Mark Millar and Greg Land near the end of their landmark run on Ultimate Fantastic Four. Suydam latest zombie remake is of the classic cover from Fantastic Four #51. In part 2 of "Frightful" in the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four #31, the zombie FF break free of their prison and wreak havoc in the Baxter Building, while only Dr. Doom can stop a dangerous alien object that Johnny Storm unknowingly brought back from the N-Zone. The undead excitement isn't over yet; pick up Ultimate Fantastic Four #31 as the Ultimate Frightful Four and Dr. Doom may spell the end of the FF. ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #31 (APR061999) Written by Mark Millar Pencils & Cover by Greg Land 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99 FOC - 6/22, On Sale - 7/12/2006 ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #31 SUYDAM VARIANT (APR068086) Written by Mark Millar Pencils by Greg Land Cover by Arthur Suydam FOC - 6/22, On Sale - 7/12/2006
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