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TGIF: Marvel Jungle

Ed Brubaker, Joe Kelly and more profess their love for Marvel's most awesome animals

The House of Ideas went to the dogs, cats, pigs and monkeys this week with the release of MARVEL APES #1. A few days ago, the Secret Cabal checked in with a Take 10 spotlight their favorite animal-themed Marvel characters, so today see what happened when we asked creators and freelancers to do the same. It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.
ED BRUBAKER (writer of CAPTAIN AMERICA): I would have to say Werewolf by Night. That qualifies, right? Always the weirdest book that Marvel published when I was a kid. Although, Man-Wolf the albino werewolf was pretty cool, too. JEFF PARKER (upcoming writer of THE AGE OF THE SENTRY): That has to be Lockjaw. I mean, he can teleport anywhere


and hold Ben Grimm's arm unmovable if his giant mouth clamps down on it. Plus he has a little wishbone on his head like his master Black Bolt, and I'm pretty sure his slobber gives temporary superpowers to anyone who touches it. Lockjaw is the most awesome Marvel animal, no question. TOM DEFALCO (writer of AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL): I've always been partial to Peter Porker-the Peter Porker who used to pal around with Captain Americat. His adventures had the right mix of satire, sarcasm and goofy fun! CLINT LANGLEY (cover artist of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY): Wolverine is the ultimate animalistic character from Marvel, and probably the most definitive animal-based character in comics. He defines the beast in all of us, with the indestructible lust we crave as children, but with the inner destructive aggression adults battle against.

Rocket Raccoon

DAN ABNETT (co-writer of NOVA): Okay, he's in the book we're writing, but...Cosmo. Telepathic, Cosmonaut labrador/retriever cross. What's not to like? Unless you're Rocket Raccoon, of course, who is another classic 'animal' character-though you should never, ever let him hear you say that. IVAN BRANDON (writer of SECRET INVASION: HOME INVASION): I'll vote for everyone's favorite giant disinterested teleporting dog: Lockjaw. I just used him in the last part of my MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS Machine Man story and his panels made me laugh in the writing stage and even more when I saw the art. ANDY SCHMIDT (writer of MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS): Got to be Stingray. I loved that guy when I was little. Cool animal. Cool name. Pretty cool costume, but really about the most useless character you can imagine. This guy was an Avenger? Does he hang out with Namor and


what-give color commentary on Namor saving the seven seas? Loved the guy for how useless he is but mark my words-one day he'll have his finest hour and the world will be in his debt! PAUL CORNELL (writer of CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI:13): I always liked Lockjaw, though when I was a kid that name was most frequently used in my family to refer to a rather awful disease-or at least it sounded awful. The way [Jack] Kirby drew that dog, I always kind of assumed he had it, and thus was being a brave doggie. Though naming him after his condition is probably crueler than Black Bolt is capable of being. KAARE ANDREWS (cover artist of IMMORTAL IRON FIST): The two greatest Marvel animal characters were of course Spider-Ham and the Incredible Hulk Bunny. No other comic captured the grace and beauty of the animal kingdom. I think when Peter Parker made a deal with Mephisto he should have turned into Peter Porker. "One More Ham." I smell bacon-y sell outs!


RALPH MACCHIO (Marvel Senior Editor): The animal who I really like is the Inhumans' dog Lockjaw. What an incredible canine he is! I just love his look, his loyalty to the royal family and his wonderful teleportation powers. He's also played a role in some very important Fantastic Four adventures. What a lovable pooch. Wish he was mine. WELLINTON ALVES (artist of NOVA): Wolverine-I love Logan and his personality. He's the hero everybody would like to be. I think he could be a little bigger, but that's ok! RICK REMENDER (writer of PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL): I'd have to go with Lockheed. Kitty and Lockheed are a classic and iconic duo. Paul Smith could make that dragon convey all kinds of emotion without a single line of dialogue. Their lighthearted mischief added a much needed lightheartedness to the X-Men in general. Plus, what kid doesn't like the idea of having a pet dragon? JOE KELLY (upcoming writer of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN): Hands down, best Marvel animal-Thor Frog. By the windswept wilds of Wyrmwym, give me more Thor Frog! I command it! TOM BREVOORT (Marvel Executive Editor): Lockjaw. 'Nuff said.


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