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Unlimited Highlights

Digital Comics Highlights: Deadpool

Check out five digital gems starring the Merc with a Mouth

By Marc Strom

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. After four years sharing a marquee with the enigmatic Cable, the Merc with a Mouth flies solo once more this week beginning in DEADPOOL #1, and to celebrate, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited brings you five laugh-out-loud adventures from Marvel's most talkative anti-hero, Wade Wilson! Plop down in front of your computer and catch up on these five great tales, all available now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

CABLE & DEADPOOL #1 Marvel's most dysfunctional buddy-team comes together once more in the debut issue of CABLE & DEADPOOL, written by the 'pool's co-creator, Fabian Nicieza! The mysterious One World Church hires Deadpool to steal a synthetic virus from a pharmaceutical company-and unluckily for him, Cable just so happens to have his eyes on the same prize. But wait a second, why does a church made up entirely of bald people with blue skin want a synthetic virus, anyway? Just so long as they fork over a suitcase full of cash, Deadpool could care less! 

With Cable missing, Deadpool-alongside former X-Forcers Siryn and Cannonball must track him down across a series of alternate realities in "Enema of the State"! Wade begins his search on a world conquered by Apocalypse, where he encounters four of the strangest Horsemen yet. Will Wilson find his on-again-off-again BFF? Can Siryn and Cannonball make it through the mission without strangling him? Who cares, all you needed to hear was this story's title, so hop to and check out one of the most epic CABLE & DEADPOOL stories of all, which includes appearances from Mr. Sinister and a visit to the House of M!

When Deadpool accepts an assignment involving Daily Bugle reporter Ken Ellis, little does he know that Peter Parker would get caught in the crossfire, or that Parker happens to have a certain friendly-neighborhood alter ego! Marvel's wittiest web-slinger has his work cut out for him if he hopes to match Wade Wilson's need for incessant banter as they battle on the Queensboro Bridge, but who will get the last laugh in this unforgettable story? You'll have to read to find out, True Believer, and trust us, you won't regret it!

DEADPOOL/GLI SUMMER FUN SPECTACULAR #1 Deadpool joins forces with the Great Lakes Initiative to stop an enclave of A.I.M. agents from usurping the powers of Dionysius, Greek god of revelry and wine! Of course, just how an evil terrorist organization managed to get their hands on a real-life Greek god is a whole 'nother story. And because we believe in giving you bang for your buck, this special also features Wade's first, and to this date, only date with Big Bertha, as well as Squirrel Girl's attempt to break her one true love, Robbie Baldwin, the hero formerly known as Speedball, from Thunderbolts Mountain! 

The reality-hopping team Weapon X makes its debut this issue with another Earth's Deadpool on its roster and fortunately he still possesses the original's distinct inability to shut up. Ever. Together with the Exiles, the team must save young David Richards from the Sentinels that have eradicated almost all traces of mutantkind on their parallel world. But then a couple wrenches get thrown in the plan, including the fact that the mission might not include saving Richards' life after all...

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