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Civil War Finds Deadpool as a Hero Hunter in Cable and Deadpool #30

The Marvel Universe is coming apart at the seams as heroes fight one another and there's only one man who can patch up the hole…Deadpool?! Staying true to his roots, the Merc with a Mouth becomes a Hero Hunter in Cable and Deadpool #30. Cable and Deadpool #30 also sees the sees the return of everyone's favorite almost-super-team, the Great Lakes Avengers. But what does Deadpool have in store for these quasi-heroes if they refuse to register? Then Wade pays a visit to the hero of Hell's Kitchen and ally of the fugitive Captain America, the man without fear known as Daredevil. It's the showdown of the ninja-trained wearers of red tights that you've all been waiting for. Plus, what is Cable up to and why is he having a secret meeting with Captain America? Is the band breaking up? Will Wade be asked to take Cable down? Pick up Cable and Deadpool #30 for the first part of a Civil War tie-in that just may split the odd couple of Nate and Wade down the middle. CABLE & DEADPOOL #30 (MAY062000) Written by FABIAN NICIEZA Penciled by STAZ JOHNSON Cover by ROBERTO CAMPUS 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99 FOC – 6/22, On Sale – 7/12/2006



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