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Marvel Previews for December 2008

2008 comes to a wicked end as DARK REIGN and Marvel Noir lead the march into 2009

The holiday season hits full-force in December, but unfortunately for our heroes the action won't let up long enough for them to enjoy it like the rest of us! Check out all December's highlights, then head over to the December catalog for the full list!


The long-anticipated sequel to Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross' MARVELS finally arrives this December with not one, but TWO all-new issues following your favorite heroes from the street-level perspective of Daily Bugle photographer Phil Sheldon. Featuring the lush artwork of Jay Anacelato and scripts by Busiek himself, MARVELS: EYE OF THE CAMERA #1 picks up where the previous series left off, including the formation of the all-new X-Men, the Secret Wars, the first appearance of the Punisher and more! The Secret Invasion may have ended, but the "Dark Reign" has only begun. And while we can't tell you just what that ominous title means quite yet, we can say that the Marvel U. will be a different place in the wake of the Skrulls' invasion, and not necessarily in a good way. Follow all the fallout in the pages of SECRET INVASION: DARK REIGN #1, NEW AVENGERS #48, AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #20, WAR MACHINE #1 and many other titles as well!


First came the adaptation of Orson Scott Card's fan-favorite novel, "Ender's Game." Now writer Mike Carey and artist Sebastian Fiumara bring you ENDER'S SHADOW: BATTLE SCHOOL #1, adapting Card's novel which tells the story of Bean, the only kid at battle school smarter than the titular Ender Wiggin. Telling the same events as ENDER'S GAME from a fresh perspective, this series offers fans a chance to get a full view of what being a trainee at Battle School is really like. "Ultimatum" marches on in December with ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #129 bringing the webhead into the fray-and he's got company when Jessica Drew, the Ultimate Spider-Woman, returns! But what's she doing there? And will Spidey's life be the same after this? Also out in December, pick up ULTIMATUM #3, ULTIMATE X-MEN #99 and ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #59 for the full story on the biggest thing to hit the Ultimate universe yet!


Whoa whoa whoa, who thought it was a good idea to give Dr. Doom the Infinity Gauntlet? Did anybody clear this by Reed Richards first? WHAT IF?: SECRET WARS #1, one of five new stories hitting this month, asks what would have happened had Doom retained the Beyonder's powers in the classic SECRET WARS, and the results aren't pretty. And if that isn't enough for you, each of the five WHAT IF? one-shots out this month will feature a part of "What if the Runaways Had Become the Young Avengers?" written by C.B. Cebulski. And December marks a big month for C.B., as he also pens X-INFERNUS, the sequel to the "Inferno" event which rocked the X-Men's world almost 20 years ago. Darkchylde-aka Illyana Rasputin, former New Mutant and Colossus' sister-wants her soul back, and it's up to the X-Men to stop her from tearing apart the entire world in the process. Of course, that's easier said than done, considering Illyana has every demon in Limbo at her disposal.


THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ #1 brings L. Frank Baum's magical world to the comics page once again, but with Skottie Young's equally-wonderful artwork we can guarantee it's unlike any version of Oz you've seen before! Follow Dorothy, the Tin-Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow as they journey to meet the mysterious Wizard of Oz in this eight-part adaptation of the everlasting novel. "Punisher: War Zone" blasts into theaters on December 5, and the next week Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon reunite for the six-part, weekly PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, featuring the return of Ma Gnucci from Ennis and Dillon's "Welcome Back, Frank." And if you're curious just how Ma Gnucci managed to survive being burned alive at the end of that story, we're not telling...but you can only imagine the deadly vengeance she has in store for the Punisher now that she's returned!


Some of Marvel's most iconic heroes get a major overhaul beginning in December with X-MEN NOIR #1! A red-headed corpse has been discovered, and the only distinguishable feature is an encircled-"X" tattooed on her skin. Who is she, and what connection does she have to a reform school in upstate New York run by a man named Xavier? And for even more hard-boiled action, check out SPIDER-MAN NOIR #1, featuring the not-as-friendly-neighborhood webhead as he tries to take down one of the most powerful mobsters in New York, the Goblin. Meanwhile, back in the regular X-verse, X-MEN: KINGBREAKER #1 catches up with Havok and his ill-fated Starjammers, still prisoners of the Shi'Ar's mad emperor-and Summers brother-Vulcan! And things only get worse when the deranged mutant sets his sights on expanding his empire throughout the rest of the cosmos. The build-up to "War of Kings" begins here, and for even more hints of Marvel's next big event, check out GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #8, featuring a showdown between Starlord and the ruler of the Negative Zone, Blastaar! Head over to the December catalog for the full list!



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