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Deadpool: Traitor

Writer Daniel Way talks about Deadpool’s recent defection to the Skrull side of Secret Invasion

Preview art by
Paco Medina

By Marc Strom Deadpool and Benedict Arnold have a lot in common these days. In the premiere issue of his new series, the mutant merc also known as Wade Wilson made his services available to the invading Skrull armada. And on October 8, DEADPOOL #3 wraps up its first arc with a number of Skrugly complications and surprises galore, courtesy of writer Daniel Way and artist Paco Medina. Way says that, given Deadpool's outsider status in the Marvel Universe, the Merc with a Mouth's defection shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. "Look, it's not like the human race has been all that kind to Deadpool," the writer notes. "And let's not forget: Deadpool is a mercenary—his services are for sale and, judging by the success of the Skrull campaign, they're quickly becoming the only buyers around." At the same time, though, Deadpool hasn't always made the greatest effort to endear himself to his fellow men. Case in point: abandoning the human race for the Skrulls. Way finds that, deep down, Wilson can't help but alienate himself from everyone around him.

Preview art by
Paco Medina

"It's how Deadpool sees himself: as the outsider," he comments. "He's a castoff, a throwaway. Plus, he's so extremely volatile that it simply isn't safe to be around him—this is a guy who'll hold the grenade and throw the pin, dig?" However, fans shouldn't judge Deadpool too quickly for his seeming defection. "There is a method to Deadpool's madness," teases Way. "But you'll have to wait and see what that is." That method doesn't always make the most sense to everyone else, but according to Way, Wilson likes it like that: "That 'off-ness,' that unpredictability—even he sometimes doesn't know what he's doing—is what makes Deadpool so good at what he does. Trying to discern the logic in his actions is exactly what he wants you to do because invariably, you'll end up confused, disoriented…and right where he wants you to be, looking like a dummy." With the first issue kicking the series off with a bang, Way promises more of the same in future issues.

Preview art by
Paco Medina

"I'd say the first issue sums it all up," the writer relates. "You never know what Deadpool's gonna do next—but you can be sure that, whatever it is, it'll be done in his trademark style. And, things will blow up." And as the first arc comes crashing to its conclusion, Way hints at even more craziness on the horizon, including… "Deadpool versus zombies. That do anything for ya?" DEADPOOL #3 shoots into stores on October 8. To get caught up on the Merc with a Mouth, check out the DEADPOOL SAGA at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.
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