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MDCU Creator Spotlight

Digital Comics Creator Spotlight: Nick Lowe

The RUNAWAYS editor recounts Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona's swansong

Every week, we'll tap one creator to browse Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and pick some of their favorite work from the expansive catalog. This week: RUNAWAYS editor Nick Lowe:


"I don't remember ever reading a comic where you feel the pain of a character more than RUNAWAYS v2 #22. Back in issue #18, Chase's girlfriend is killing defending him and their friends. In #22 you feel his pain as he goes down a dark road to try and get her back from the dead. [Writer] Brian K. Vaughan writes Chase so true to what a teenage boy would feel in this situation. [Artist] Adrian Alphona portrays how hollow Chase feels so effortlessly. It all comes together-from Jo Chen's powerful cover, to Craig Yueng's crisp inks, to Christina Strain's brilliant and rich colors-in such a way that you want to hold Chase and tell him that it's all going to be all right. Even if you're not sure that it is."
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