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Hulk: Monster Mash-Up

Writer Jeff Parker explains why two monsters plus lots of smashing equals a monstrous one-shot without peer

Preview art by
Lucio Parillo

By Jim Beard Why do monsters never seem to be able to get along? Take the Incredible Hulk and the Frankenstein Monster, for instance. Both hunted and persecuted for years on end, you'd think they'd be comrades-in-arms, close companions, even bosom buddies-right? Well, MONSTER-SIZE HULK #1, due October 8 courtesy of writer Jeff Parker and artist Gabriel Hardman, tells a different tale. Seems there can be only one big kid on the monster block. "The Frankenstein Monster of the Nuclear Age meets the original Frankenstein Monster," boasts Parker of his story. "Or maybe...The Two Greatest Icons with the Poorest Language Skills go head-to-head!" Parker, who of late has wowed readers on such titles as AGENTS OF ATLAS, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, and AGE OF THE SENTRY, assures all fans of fiendish fiction that the creature thrashing his way through the pages of MONSTER-SIZE HULK just so happens to be the same Monster who has haunted the Marvel Universe since 1973's MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN #1. Based on the famous 1818 novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly, this Frankenstein

Preview art by
Lucio Parillo

Monster's Marvel adventures have brought him into contact with characters as diverse as Count Dracula and Spider-Man-though never the Hulk. Perhaps it's only fitting the Monster finally meets the creature directly inspired by him, though one might wonder how a stitched-together man powered by lightning can hold his own against a gamma-spawned behemoth. "Normally, he would fare quite poorly," explains Parker of the seeming power-disparity. "But in our story, the Monster gets a mad power boost! "I'm fascinated with the meta-fact that Hulk is clearly a fictional successor to the Monster. Bruce Banner and Victor Frankenstein were both scientists who thematically overreached humanity's grasp in their work and unleashed a violent force of nature upon the world. In Hulk's case, it also owes much to Jekyll and Hyde, as the man is also the monster. So we delve into that some."

Preview art by
Lucio Parillo

With a smashing cover by Guiseppe Camuncoli and more inarticulate growling per panel than any other Marvel book released this year, MONSTER-SIZE HULK #1 proves the old adage: "It ain't easy being green!" Could the scariest month of the year get any cooler? Ask for it by name: MONSTER-SIZE HULK #1-and don't be afraid to read it after dark! And for more monster madness courtesy of Jeff Parker and others, head over to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!
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