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My Cup o' Joe

MyCup o' Joe Week 25

Joe Q is back for the 25th edition of MyCup o' Joe!

MyCup o' Joe is the weekly communiqué from Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Joe Quesada to the legion of Mighty Marvelites Assembled! Every Friday, Joe will sit down with journalist Jim McLauchlin to answer questions on the pressing issues of the day at Marvel and throughout comics. And you get to chip in as well! Joe will be answering YOUR questions every week! To get in on the fun, post your questions at the bottom of this page!


NOVA #17


JQ: Hey there, Jimbo. It seems like it's been forever. JM: It feels like it. JQ: Okay, you're right, we missed a week. And because of that, I think I owe the folks who are reading my weekly nonsense some love. JM: That's a lot of lovin' to do, and you ain't no spring chicken no more. JQ: Don't make me point out your bald spot. JM: It's more a receding hairline. JQ: Seriously though, I'd like to do nothing but fan questions this week. How's that for some lovin'? JM: Works for me, but how about just a couple of questions to break the ice? JQ: Real quick. JM: Okay, from department of sneaky: The "Embrace Change" ad campaign you guys are running and things such as "Dark Reign" have caused some to speculate that the Skrulls will win in "Secret Invasion." Is this the case? JQ: Yes. JM: C'mon. Can something like this even be done? Have the bad guys win? It seems like the reversal of everything you guys have done for 70 years, or at least "Assistant Editors Month" turned up to 11. Is the principle even possible? JQ: Did I say yes? I meant no. By the way, speaking of Assistant Editor's month, how would you feel if I told you we're going to allow out young lunatics to run the asylum again? While I can't afford to give them month, how about a project? JM: Sounds cool. What's the project? JQ: It's in that drawer labeled "to be announced," but I promise we'll announce it soon as we get the details nailed. If you could maybe try a comb-over, maybe we'll even announce it right in this column. JM: I told you: receding hairline. Regardless, next year is Marvel's 70th anniversary. To be frank, Joe, you don't look a day over 65. JQ: You should see me from the waist down. JM: I'll pass. So what kinda plans is Marvel gearing up for in celebration? JQ: There's a lot of stuff, so much that we have to whittle it down a bit, but you'll be hearing more about it as we get closer. I do think the fans are going to love it, as most of the marketing it will have a very funny edge to it. Just yesterday, I pitched an idea, much like our Zombie- and Monkey- themed covers, to do Marvel geriatric covers with all of our characters aged to at least 70 years old. Can you believe it got shot down? JM: Yes. JQ: Well, then...that's all the ice-breaking you get. Let's start the lovin'! Victor von doom asks: Hey Joe, I must say that I love the Omnibus format. As a long time Marvel fan of 25+ years, I'm quite knowledgeable with the Marvel U, but still love diving into the history these books provide. I was hoping you could let us know what to look forward to as far as Omnibuses (Omnibi?) are concerned and possibly work your magic to help a few others see print, namely: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Vol.2 and beyond CAPTAIN AMERICA by Ed Brubaker, Vol.2 JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY: Thor INFINITY GAUNTLET Also, I'm a huge Captain America fan and would love to see more of his Golden Age stuff reprinted. I know you have the Masterworks coming out with Vol. 2 going up to issue 8, and the Classic Years collection going up to issue 10, but any likelihood hood that we'll see more? His original run had about 75 issues if I'm not mistaken and with the popularity Bucky/Cap are enjoying right now, maybe it's a good time. Thanks in advance. Richie JQ: Richie, so glad you're diggin' the Omnibus format, I love it as well. Currently we have plans for an Inferno style Omnibus, CLASSIC X-MEN, and even a CAPTAIN BRITAIN Omnibus for the beginning of 2009. Now here's the thing: we have plans for lots more but it's way too early for me to spoil the surprise Oh yeah, and there will definitely be more Golden Age and Atlas Age Cap stories on the way. Hi Joe! I like Marvel's digital comics a lot and was wondering if there are any plans to create any new stories that are just gonna be on Marvel.com? Make mine Marvel! TwilightGal77

 JQ: Hey there, TwilightGal! The breaking news here is exclusive that launched on Marvel.Com in the form of an all-new Iron Man story! In addition to Iron Man, SECRET INVASION: HOME INVASION is running online every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through the duration of SECRET INVASION, telling a ground-level story of what's happening on New York City streets during the invasion. And we have now exceeded 5000 digital comics in our digital library. That's a lot of comics!



Gilad asks: Hey Joe, 1) Other than AVENGERS: INITIATIVE and his new ongoing, will we see more War Machine? 2) Will we ever see Mimic again? 3) Will Cable or Deadpool be appearing in each others ongoing series anytime soon? 4) My wish list for an Avengers team: Captain America (Bucky) or USAgent, Beta Ray Bill, Red Hulk, Wolverine, War Machine, Spider Man (Ben Reilly) and Archangel. Please make this happen. 5) Is Ben Reilly back because of "One More Day?" If he isn't, please bring him back. 6) Is Beta Ray Bill going to be a big character in Thor's ongoing since he is back, and if not, please give him his own series. JQ: Hey there, Gilad. 1) I suspect now that he has his own series, you'll eventually see more of him. 2) If X-Editor Nick Lowe gets his way, you certainly will. Sadly, he hasn't gotten his way yet. 3) There are no immediate plans for a reunion, but you never know what might happen. 4) E-mail Bendis. 5) Keep reading Spider-Man. 6) Assuming he comes through SECRET INVASION with all hooves intact, we'll be seeing more of Beta Ray Bill in the future, never fear.



The Bringer wants to know: With the success of AVENGERS/INVADERS and THE TWELVE, has any thought be given to doing a series featuring the Timely Comics characters-whether its the Invaders, the Liberty Legion, or whomever-actually set in the World War II era? Also, do you think it would be possible to successfully do a title featuring Marvel's western heroes together? Sort of a "Magnificent Seven" type ongoing series with Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt, Red Wolf and the rest, only with maybe a more modern take? Hey, why should Marvel's gunslingers take a back seat to Jonah Hex when it comes to having a regular title? Thanks for your time! JQ: Bringer, thanks for the questions. We'll have something to announce about the Invaders relatively soon. In the meantime, you can see a few of them in Captain America over the next couple of months. And Captain America: White is also set during "The Big One."




In terms of the western gunslingers, we've got a project percolating through our Digital Comics Unlimited online area, but it's still premature to say much more. Dreams of a fallen hero.... asks: Clint Barton's slowly become a huge part of the overall Marvel Universe again. Are big things coming for our favorite archer? As Deadpool is becoming a player in the Marvel Universe as well, does this mean that he won't be seen around the X-Men? And finally, can you reveal anything big happening to the New Warriors? A possible roster change that could please old fans? JQ: Yo, Dreams, here's what you wanted to know. Yes! For one thing, Clint will be co-starring in a project that rolls directly out of SECRET INVASION at the beginning of next year. Speaking of which, you should definitely keep an eye peeled-disgusting a concept though that may be!-for the label "Dark Reign" coming up on a lot of our books. Writer-slash-benevolent madman Brian Bendis has helped cook up a lot of great, snaking tendrils that will creep throughout the Marvel Universe in the wake of SECRET INVASION, and "Dark Reign" is your key to ferreting out the major mileposts. Heck, Bendis will even be writing a new Dark Avengers title-with art by the incomparable Mike Deodato-as part of "Dark Reign." Miss it not! Deadpool becoming a major player in the Marvel Universe does not preclude him from having a role in the X-Men Universe. While there are no immediate plans for him to bump shoulders with the Uncanny X-Men, we do have long-term plans for him to get reacquainted with some of his past friends. BIG things are on the horizon for our New Warriors in the upcoming arc, "Blood and Iron." We'll finally find out what Night Thrasher's been up to and what it means for our heroes. And when Thrash finally gets what he wants, he might just find out that it's absolutely not everything he had hoped for. So, yes, major shakeups are on the horizon. Rocky Racoon asks: As an Iron Man fangirl since the early-to-mid 90's, I've always been interested in Tony's love life. I'm kind of creeped out by the Avengers Next idea in that all of the other Avengers fell in love and had families; and years later as the story takes place, Tony is this old man who never settled down and had a family of his own. It's a little creepy. Did the other Avengers sit around saying, "Which of us is the most unlovable and undesirable? I know! Let's leave our kids to Tony!" Bethany Cabe is still alive and could have given Tony some very pretty babies, that's all I'm sayin'.
Also, you mentioned something before about Matt Fraction dealing with Extremis in his run of INVINCIBLE IRON MAN. You guys aren't undoing all of the great things that writer Warren Ellis and artist Adi Granov did for Tony and Iron Man in the "Extremis" run, are you? Please say it ain't so! Lastly, I really enjoy seeing your art whenever it pops up, such as in "One More Day." Will you draw us some more pretty pictures, Joe? Pretty please? JQ: "Creepy?" I don't see how Tony being the mentor to all of these kids is creepy, Rocky. What if he decided not to get married because being their mentor and dedicating himself to them entirely was the right thing to do to save the world from Ultron? I'm not saying that's the reason, but there are many possible alternatives as to why Tony took on that role. As with HOUSE OF M and CIVIL WAR before it, SECRET INVASION will indeed have lasting repercussions on our characters, including Iron Man. We'll begin to see just what these changes are in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #8, which starts our "World's Most Wanted" arc. (There might be a little hint in that title...) Mr. Fraction's put together a terrific second arc for Tony, and I think we'll see that this storyline isn't "undoing" anything as much as it's simply following a natural, organic progression of Tony's place in the MU and the events of SECRET INVASION. I thought Warren and Adi's Iron Man run was terrific, and am very excited for where we're taking the character. I'll hopefully be drawing some more pictures within the next six to eight months, but I can't guarantee they'll be pretty. Spidey616 asks: Yo, Joe. A few questions if you don't mind... 1) Will Longshot, the real one that is, be joining X-Factor soon? 

 2) Is there a creative team in place for the WOLVERINE title after Mark Millar and Steve McNiven finish up their "Old Man Logan" storyline? Also, any plans for both the WOLVERINE and WOLVERINE: ORIGINS titles to tie in with his summer movie? 3) What does the future hold for Storm and Black Panther's relationship? Think the couple will be having some kids in the not too distant future since the latest "Next Avengers" movie did create a son of Storm and Black Panther waiting to make his comic debut? JQ: Spidey616, welcome back! 1) You haven't seen the last of Longshot in X-Factor. 2) We don't really have any specific tie-in in mind with the Wolverine movie, but the themes of the movie-Weapon X, Wolverine's past-are clearly really fertile ground for Wolverine tales, so we'll definitely be picking up on some threads there. And actually, there is one specific announcement that I think will be really big and exciting-when we make that announcement. Which isn't now. And there are cool plans in place for Wolverine in 2009. I can't talk about what's happening after "Old Man Logan" yet, but WOLVERINE: ORIGINS will definitely be delving into the Weapon X days of Logan's past. In fact, we've got a storyline coming up titled "Weapon XI" that might answer some questions readers have been asking for years. 3) The future holds a lot of exciting things for T'Challa and Ororo. You'll see a lot of this in X-MEN: WORLDS APART where Storm is faced with the decision whether she's a Queen or an X-Woman. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Paul Shelton asks: Dear Joe, With all your experience as an artist, writer, editor and editor-in-chief, how hard is it for you to still do something new and exciting in comics? JQ: Absolutely, Paul, that is a constant challenge. Our sole job as creators is to come up with new and interesting spins on story ideas and characters established and new regardless of genre. ^Donnie^ asks: I got a few questions I hope you can shine a little light on: 1) I know Gabriel Vargas got incinerated back in Conquest, but is there any chance that the Uni-Power picking a new person and bringing back a new Captain Universe? 2) Whatever happened to Warlock and his son Tyro after Conquest? Or better yet, where's Wraith? Wraith like the best new character to hit the Marvel U in a long time. Could Wraith get his own series? He's got a lot of story to tell. JQ: What's up, Donnie? 1) While there are no definite plans locked down now, the Uni-Power will no doubt select a new champion when the cosmos is endangered by a threat that only Captain Universe can defeat. 2) Glad to hear you liked Wraith, who was last seen helping Warlock and Tyro cure the Kree from the remaining Phalanx infection. Writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach and artist Kyle Hotz poured a ton of heart into bringing Wraith to life, so odds are the pale rider will appear again when you least expect it. David asks: Dear Joe, Where is Happy Hogan? He's great in the comics and was great in the "Iron Man" movie. Last seen, he was wounded, nearly dead. Make it so he was only wounded, and can be seen again! A great character like him shouldn't be killed so needlessly. JQ: Sorry to break it to you, David, but Happy died in IRON MAN #14 during "Civil War." Venoman Hey Joe, long-time Marvel zombie, first time writer here. I've got a simple request for you. Pardon the length but some explanation is required... When I first heard about the VENOM: DARK ORIGIN limited series, I was overjoyed. I'd been dreaming of a series that streamlined and elaborated on Eddie Brock/Venom's continuity for years. And if I may say so, Zeb Wells has done an absolutely tremendous job with that. Heck, he even included Eddie's sister, Mary Brock, who was only mentioned once prior in a one-off cameo appearance in NOVA: THE HUMAN ROCKET volume 3. Now that's dedication to continuity! Within the pages of the limited series an artistic error was made and Ann Weying (Brock's ex-wife) was colored as an African-American woman, whereas historically she was portrayed as overtly white. I'm all for diversity in comics, and new interpretations in alternate takes. However, this book was supposed to be about streamlining the mainstream continuity, and with this error that's no longer the case; effectively making the book non-canon and crushing my dream.
So my request is as such: would you kindly correct this coloring snafu in a second printing and/or TPB release of the series? I and many other long-time Venom/Spidey/Marvel fans would be greatly appreciative if you could. Thank you in advance and continue to make mine Marvel! JQ: Wow, Venoman, I think for this answer I need to go to Assistant Editor Alejandro Arbona. Alejandro: "Give that Venoman a No-Prize! Thanks for writing in, and for liking VENOM: DARK ORIGIN so much. Zeb Wells and Angel Medina are pouring their hearts into it, and we're really glad it's appreciated. But one correction: Mary Brock actually appeared in one other place...a "Happy birthday Alejandro Arbona from the whole Venom family" custom-printed Marvel storybook from 1986. Good luck finding that one! There was only one copy, and according to price guide standards, it's "poor/defaced." But you're right about Ann Weying-it's a detail we're tweaking in the trade, and un-crushing your dream...and you even get a genuine Marvel Comics No-Prize for your troubles. Let us know where we can send it." Bamfer asks: Mr. Quesada, I am looking forward to X-INFERNUS, especially since it seems it will feature three of my favorite X-Men: Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Colossus. Mr. Camuncoli's art looks great.
What I and my fellow Bamfers would like to know is: Will this four-issue mini series deal in any way with the ramifications of the Draco arc? I am hoping for a revelation that Azazel is not Kurt's father. If not in this series, then in a later series perhaps? JQ: Bamfer, here ya go. While Nightcrawler plays a HUGE role in X-INFERNUS, it's not in regard to Azazel. There's another continuity entry-point for our favorite blue-furred German that has to do A LOT more with Illyana. MPDelight asks: For the people upset about Spider-Man and "Brand New Day," please read it all first before complaining. It had a rough first couple months in my opinion, but got better and better, especially with John Romita Jr. penciling.
Where is Doctor Doom at? He is my favorite character, and he's been off the charts for many months now.JQ: MPD, thanks for writing and thanks for the kind words. I agree, Spidey is rocking hard! Doom's been appearing in Fantastic Four these last few issues. And in just a few months, you'll be wondering where he isn't at!




Dark Knight asks: Can you, spoiler-free, officially lay out how the X-books fit together for us all? I'm particularly hoping to see where exactly in the story X-Force falls, to see if my theory is right, but also want to make sure I know the WHOLE story. Thanks! JQ: Basically, Dark Knight, at the end of Messiah CompleX, Cyclops sent Wolverine out to take down Mystique (in the "Get Mystique" story); at about the same time, he reactivated X-Force (pretty soon getting them the black costumes) without Wolverine (or the dead Caliban or the still-injured Hepzibah). At that point, X-23 began the investigations that lead her to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base that we saw her at in X-Force. The first arc of X-Force takes place over a matter of a few days, after Wolverine's back from "Get Mystique" and from his trip to Russia with Nightcrawler and Colossus in Uncanny, that ran up to issue #499. The Warpath short story in X-Force: Ain't No Dog takes place during the first X-Force arc, as well. In the course of that arc, Bastion brings Donald Pierce back to life, and he quickly sets into motion the plan that unfurls in the first arc of Young X-Men. We see a brief glimpse of him planning that scheme during X-Force #7. Basically, the second arc of X-Force takes place more or less concurrently with the Young X-Men arc. Rodeo asks: 1) Can you give out any hints about whether we'll be seeing Thanos again? 2) After "Brand New Day," did Aunt May still live with Peter in Stark Tower (when her and Jarvis were getting friendly)? If so, how could anyone on the team NOT deduce Spider-Man's identity? Is anyone remotely aware of something big bad magic changing history, or was Mephisto's spell so elaborate that nobody can put the clues together?
3) Are we going to find out what was going on with Sentry and the Void we saw back in MIGHTY AVENGERS a few issues ago?

 JQ: Rodeo, how's it hanging? 1) When last we saw him, Thanos had his heart ripped right out of his chest by the green-skinned bad boy known as Drax. 2) Yes, Aunt May and Peter still cohabitated in Stark Tower with the Avengers, and during that period they knew he was Spider-Man (it was only thereafter that they forgot!) And history itself, with one specific exception, wasn't really changed, so there isn't much of anything for most people to even be aware of. 3) Wait and see. Tony Smith asks: 1) Why did Marvel bother adding new depth to the Hulk character just to take it away? I'm talking about Green Scar Hulk of course.2) Why isn't Greg Pak writing the new HULK series? His work on WORLD WAR HULK was amazing. I just think it's kind of dumb that he made the Hulk character so interesting and just left him behind. But at least he's writing THE INCREDIBLE HERCULES and SKAAR: SON OF HULK two good books that spun out of WORLD WAR HULK 3) Is the "He" in "He loves You" Kly'bn? 4) Will the Young Avengers be affected by Secret Invasion? 5) How is Menace different from the other Goblins Spidey has fought in the past? 6) I enjoy the concept of Jackpot. Spidey needs a registered hero to fight, and maybe occasionally team up with. But what I was wondering why not just use Black Cat? She and Spidey have a history together and it would have made an interesting story. 7) Will The Human Torch ever return to Spidey's life? I would like to know their status as friends ever since Civil War. JQ: 1) Everyone has different tastes when it comes to Hulk's intellect and the version seen in "Planet Hulk" and WORLD WAR HULK is definitely a popular flavor, but there's a lot of fans out there who enjoy the more "direct" speaking Jade Giant, too. That brings up an interesting question, Marvel Fans: Which version of the Hulk do you like best? 2) While a return to writing one of Marvel's most powerful heroes isn't out of the question, Greg's dance card is pretty full at the moment with the two great books you've mentioned along with the thrill-a-minute upcoming War Machine series and the poignant and intense MAGNETO: TESTAMENT. Plus, we've got a few more treats for Pak fans coming up the horizon. Keep your eyes open and ears pealed. 3) Yes. Ummm...no. Okay, perhaps. 4) They already have been, as seen in SECRET INVASION: RUNAWAYS/YOUNG AVENGERS. 5) Keep reading the books; you'll find out. 6) Because there's nothing wrong with bringing new characters on to the stage. There are only so many times you can watch the same characters go through the same motions. Bringing new people into Spidey's life allows you to do new things with him. 7) I'm sure someday we'll see them back together. AntagonyWrittenIntoMyD.N.A says: I'm a huge fan of almost everything Marvel is doing. I have 13 mailed subscriptions, and I pick up even more every month. Out of all the books I get, X-Force is by far my favorite. I really like how dark and gritty this book is, and the art is phenomenal. Is there any chance we could see Gambit making an appearance on this team? Aside from his recent appearance in X-Men: Legacy he hasn't been associated with the X-Men. I think he would make an incredible asset, considering Archangel is the only one with a range attack. Also the tension between Gambit and Wolverine would be pretty funny with Logan now being in Scott's shoes as leader. JQ: Always glad to hear from a Gambit fan, Antagony! It seems like a lot of people are getting excited about him, these days. He won't be showing up in X-FORCE in the foreseeable future, but that's not to say he doesn't have a role to play in the future of the X-Men as a whole. Mario asks: Any chance of an X-FORCE/X-STATIX Omnibus? You've got a total of 46 issues there.
Oh, and bring back NEXTWAVE. Pretty please? JQ: Mario, I checked with our sales and collected editions department, and unfortunately the answer is no at the moment. As for NEXTWAVE, perhaps some day if Warren and Stuart want to come back to revisit the team we'll bring them back. Danny says I love the preview sketches for X-INFERNUS. It looks really good! Will the New X-men be in the mini-series? JQ: Danny, so glad you're all excited about X-INFERNUS! You'll be seeing Rockslide, Pixie and Mercury in especially big roles. Timo Mcshade asks: Do I see another Mets collapse coming at the hands of my Phillies?

Is Mutant Zero Kitty Pryde? Are the Thunderbolts also considered Colorado's Initiative Team? Can we PLEASE get a Cloud 9 book? JQ: Mutant Zero is not Kitty, sorry. And at least so far, the Thunderbolts are the only team operating in Colorado, though theoretically there will eventually be a dedicated Initiative team set up there as well. And no plans for a Cloud 9 book at the moment, but she's back in AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE in a few short issues. And the Mets collapse, if it occurs, will be at the hands of the Mets. We spanked the Phillies soundly this year, and are now in the process of spanking ourselves.







Nemo asks: 1) What's the deal with so many villains being reintroduced as females lately? Loki was a great twist that actually makes a lot of sense (after all, what's more mischievous than a woman?), but with the likes of Kraven the Huntress, Miss Sinister and Lady Bullseye coming out of the woodwork, it's starting to feel like a recycled and rather forced idea.
 2) Any chance we might get a reprint of the Alias Omnibus?

 3) While we're at it, when will we get to see where Jessica Jones has been during Secret Invasion?
 4) Any update on that Allan Heinberg project? JQ: Hey there, Nemo. 1) Nothing more than just different and interesting takes on our classic characters. By the way, several women in the office want to strangle you for that "mischievous" comment. If I were you, I wouldn't show that to your girlfriend. 2) Unfortunately the answer to that is "no" for now. 3) SECRET INVASION #7 and NEW AVENGERS #48. 4) It's being worked on. Hey, here's an excerpt from it now: CAPTION (WICCAN): In the beginning, nobody really knew what to make of us. CAPTION (WICCAN): Seven super-powered Avengers fanboys-and girls-who had only come together because the Avengers had fallen apart. CAPTION (WICCAN): Since then we've fought KANG THE CONQUEROR -- and the KREE and SKRULL armies. We've been on both sides of a superhero CIVIL WAR -- and somehow survived the SECRET INVASION of Earth. CAPTION (WICCAN): So you'd think maybe the Avengers would learn to TRUST us by now... CAPTION (WICCAN): ... but we're still struggling to prove we're worthy of calling ourselves YOUNG AVENGERS The Culver asks: 1) C.B. Cebulski is featured in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video game as a possible answer to one of the Vision's trivia questions. So what's the lowdown on C.B.'s existence within the Marvel Universe? 2) I haven't picked up much of "Brand New Day," but don't worry. It's only because my son was born in December and for some reason I'm told that diapers and formula are more important than comics. Like so many others I had my concerns about making Spidey continuity all X-Men-ish, but from what I've read, I say "bravo" to the Spidey braintrust! I am very happy with the characters, the mood, and the general direction of the book. It IS what Spidey should be.
One of my favorite aspects of Spider-Man has always been that he grows as time moves forward. Part of that growing was that Peter was always striving to become one of the "real" heroes like Cap or the FF, but he never saw himself as one of those guys. So while I always enjoyed marriage-ridden Spider-man, I appreciate getting back to what makes him great. So please, continue to let the flack roll off your back and keep making mine Marvel! JQ: What's up, Culver? 1) Why don't we ask C.B. himself about this? C.B.: "I was just as surprised as anyone else by my newfound status in the Marvel Universe via Ultimate Alliance! I was actually a story consultant and co-writer on the game for Activision back in the day, and during the voice recording sessions the producers ad-libbed the script and substituted my name in as the hacker. I was just as surprised by this as anyone else and appreciate them including me as an 'Easter egg'!" 2) Spidey/Peter is going to go through a lot of growing as we move forward. As for his standing with his fellow heroes, well, he's still part of the Avengers and sometime next year as we dig into how the wedding didn't happen, you'll get to see how his fellow heroes truly view him and how they feel about him. Jay sez: 1) At Wizard World Chicago, Marvel announced upcoming "What If" books. In "What if the Runaways became the Young Avengers?", it was mentioned that we will be seeing the returning Victorious (Victor Mancha's future alter-ego) in the Kang role. Any chance of bringing him to the Marvel Universe mainstream mainstream? 2) Does Marvel have any further plans to use the new White Tiger following her mini? If not, is it possible that we could see the original White Tiger come back? I think the original, Hector Ayala, should not have been killed off in the first place.3) Will we ever learn what happened to Cecilia Reyes of the X-Men? Isn't her disappearance the reason for her brother Col. Miguel Reyes joining the O.N.E.? Shouldn't he be getting more page-time? 4) Will we see the Texas Rangers re-appearing in The Initiative again? And please settle on where Armadillo stands. Villain or Hero? It seems to switch with every appearance he makes. I vote hero. JQ: 1) Correct. Victorious will indeed be the main baddie in this story, but nothing was ever said about him taking Kang's role. Kang is his own man and does not take kindly to such assumptions. As to whether he'd be bought in or not, only the Void knows... 2) This doesn't answer your question directly, but check out WOLVERINE: MANIFEST DESTINY for a glimpse of the original owners of the amulet-the Sons of the Tiger. As for the current owner of that amulet-you'll have to wait and see. 3) Funny you should mention Cecilia Reyes-check out NYX #4. 4) The Rangers will be putting in an appearance in AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #19 Chris Mis asks: Where is Lockheed? The last we saw of him was in ASTONISHING X-MEN, but what happened to him? JQ: Hmmm, Chris, he'd make a good addition to X-Force, wouldn't he? Mahgninnuc asks: 1) Dr. Strange has been out of commission for the few months due to having his hands crushed by the Hulk. Why doesn't he just go see Elixir to fix his hands? It sure would be nice to have to Sorcerer Supreme handy (pun intended) when Illyana Rasputin brings hell to earth. 2) After M-Day, there were 198 mutants. Since then Sabertooth, Puck, Banshee, Wolfcub, Quill, Icarus, Mr. M, Mystique, Mammomax, Jazz, Caliban, Peepers, Prism, and Wallflower have all died. I know there are more but I'm having a heard time keeping up. With the addition of one baby to the mutant ranks, what does that bring the grand total of mutants to? Are you guys going to do anything to re-power these mutants? 3) Did "Brand New Day" null-and-void Spider-Man's secondary mutations from "The Other"? I thought the retractable stingers were fantastic. 4)David Aleyene is such a great character. The last run on New X-Men really opened him up when they lifted his psychic blocks. Ever since "Messiah CompleX," no one has used him. Any chance of seeing him soon? 5)Who is Mutant Zero? They started using her in the early issues of AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE and she has since dropped off the map. It was set up for a big reveal, and then nothing. JQ: Mahgninnuc, am I pronouncing that right? Thanks for writing. 1) Well, first off, Dr. Strange has never met Elixir as far as I can tell, and would have no knowledge of his whereabouts nor any reason to expect him to be able to help. Beyond that, there's a spiritual component to Doc losing control of his magics that isn't simply physiological, and thus would be something beyond Elixir's ability to repair. 2) 198 was always an estimation-there were 198 mutants known by the X-Men immediately following M-Day. The actual number was probably somewhat higher than 200. Now the actual number is probably somewhat lower than 200, and getting lower every time Craig Kyle and Chris Yost turn in an X-FORCE script. 3) Nope, "The Other" still happened. 4) Prodigy shows up in SECRET INVASION: X-MEN next. He's out in SF, but there aren't any immediate plans for other major appearances. 5) Wait and see, but there are more clues in AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #17. Sorry for the wait--we've had this big Skrull invasion getting in the way.


Derek Metaltron asks: Forgive me for being morbid, but when is Spider-Man really going to suffer for the bad choice he made in "One More Day?" Specifically, when is Aunt May going to learn of his "deal with the devil" and hopefully tell him what a selfish and irresponsible person he was? And with all the various "First Class" comics appearing for the different eras of the X-Men, could we perhaps have a similar ongoing or mini-series for their bitter rivals, the Brotherhood? I'm very fond of all the classic members such as Magneto, Mystique, Toad, Pyro and the Blob, and would love to see their early evil deeds from their own eyes. Perhaps call it "Brotherhood: First Order." I quite like that title.

 JQ: Hi, Derek. Well, let me ask you this: When is Spider-Man going to pay for the mistake he made in letting the robber go who eventually killed Uncle Ben? What would Aunt May say about that particular decision? One of the things that is a hallmark of the life of Peter Parker and Spider-Man-and something that was original to him as a character-is the fact that sometimes he doesn't make the right decision, or at least makes very debatable decisions. By the way, while we could argue who actually made the deal with Mephisto, whether it was right or wrong is all a matter of perspective. Peter did what he did to save someone's life. A person's life versus losing love...in the world of Spider-Man, the life is always more important, wouldn't you say? Glad you're enjoying the First Class series. We think the editors and creators of those books are top notch, and their amazing efforts are not only reaching new readers, but scratching a nostalgic itch for the old fans. To answer your question, we don't know if there's a First Class title in store for those classic X-villains, but rest assured you'll see them pop up from time to time in the X-MEN FIRST CLASS and WOLVERINE: FIRST CLASS, on sale every month!


Nerdcore asks: In recent issues of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, Eddie Brock says that the Venom symbiote hungers for Peter from when they were bonded. But in the Ultimate Universe, the Venom symbiote was never bonded to Peter because the two suits are DNA specified, and Peter burned all remains of the 'Parker Symbiote' while Eddie only wears the 'Brock Symbiote'. Or am I mistaken? What's going on? JQ: Well, Nerdcore, even though Peter burns the entirety of his specimen, Eddie retains some of his. Both specimens came from the same initial batch. By definition, they'd be identical samples. There are various indications that "his" symbiote needs Peter to survive. It's still got a craving for Peter's flesh. Learn more about The Hero Initiative, the only federally chartered charitable organization dedicated to helping comic veterans in medical or financial need at www.HeroInitiative.org. It's a chance for you to give back to the creators who gave you your dreams.

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