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Daredevil vs the Hand

With the Hand once again making trouble for Matt Murdock, writer Ed Brubaker talks about all the ninja action in store

Preview art by
Michael Lark

By Marc Strom Daredevil certainly has his hands full with the Hand. Matt Murdock and his alter ego have fallen into the crosshairs of the all-new, enigmatic Lady Bullseye as her benefactors in the Hand target Iron Fist, the Black Tarantula and others. Now the Man Without Fear's troubles will only increase as he finds himself falsely accused of murder in DAREDEVIL #112, by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark, on sale October 22. Series writer Brubaker kept mum on the details of the Hand's plot, but would say that while the organization's plans may seem strange, there's a method to their madness. "They are not ignoring Matt, believe me," Brubaker assures readers. "And the people they're targeting are not by accident." Brubaker also promises that Daredevil's relationship with the Hand, which dates back to when his ex-girlfriend Elektra became a member of the ninja cult, will come into play as the current story-arc progresses.

Preview art by
Michael Lark

"DD's history with the Hand is pretty well carved in stone at this point," the writer notes. "But I will be exploring more of the history and infrastructure of the Hand in general, and how that affects Matt Murdock and his friends." Recently, however, the Hand hit a rough-patch when Echo stabbed their former leader, Elektra, and revealed her as a Skrull infiltrator as part of a certain not-so-secret invasion currently underway in the Marvel Universe. Brubaker remained tight-lipped on just how much the Hand has recuperated since that blow, however. "Again, you'll have to wait and see next issue," he teases. "That's a major part of the next chapter." Besides marking the debut of Lady Bullseye, the previous issue of DAREDEVIL also saw Matt and private investigator Dakota North become a bit cozier with one another, bringing to a head the romantic tension which has simmered between the two for months. With Matt starting to already regret his actions, Brubaker promises that Matt and Dakota's story together has only begun:

Preview art by
Michael Lark

"Well, they certainly just complicated their relationship, that's for sure. This has been something I've been looking forward to exploring for a while now, so don't expect me to gloss over it. Matt and Dakota and Matt's life and what it means are all heading for a collision." And with everything else going on, Brubaker promises at least one more major development in the near future... "What? You need more than that? Okay, somebody dies in this arc." Find out what Lady Bullseye and the Hand have in store for Matt and friends in DAREDEVIL #112, on sale October 22. For more of the Man Without Fear, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes!

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