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New Zombie Variant for Ultimate Fantastic Four #32

Mark Millar and Greg Land are ending their titanic year-long run in Ultimate Fantastic Four #32 and Arthur Suydam is contributing an all-new zombie variant cover as the Millar/Land run comes full-circle...with blood-thirsty super-zombies. Suydam, the artist behind the popular Marvel Zombies cover, takes the classic cover to Fantastic Four #8 and twists it into an all-new Zombie-themed version of the cover. This is the final battle between the Ultimate Fantastic Four and their zombie counterparts from an apocalyptic earth as "Frightful" concludes. Everything from "Crossover," "Tomb of Namor," and "President Thor" all gets tied up here along with the hit Marvel Zombies mini-series. The end of "Frightful" is even enough to make George Romero lose his lunch. Pick up Ultimate Fantastic Four #32 for more Ultimate action and zombie gore and don't forget about the all-new Arthur Suydam zombie variant. ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #32 (MAY061939) Written by Mark Millar Pencils & Cover by Greg Land 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99 FOC - 7/20, On Sale - 8/9/2006 ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #32 SUYDAM ZOMBIE VARIANT (MAY061939) Written by Mark Millar Pencils by Greg Land Variant Cover by Arthr Suydam 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99 FOC - 7/20, On Sale - 8/9/2006

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