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Exclusive Digital Comics

Exclusive Digicomics: The Incredible Hulk: The Fury Files #1

Hulk and Fury, face-to-face for the first time!

Have you read our exclusive Digital Comics yet? Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited offers all-new, all-awesome stories starring your favorite heroes only available to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscribers. Stay tuned to Marvel.com for news on future exclusive Digital Comics!


This week, THE INCREDIBLE HULK: THE FURY FILES #1 shows what happens when the Hulk comes face-to-face with Nick Fury, literally! Occurring before events in the summer blockbuster film "The Incredible Hulk," this digital comic demonstrates why the Hulk is a force to be reckoned with and happens entirely in the Marvel movie universe! "Outside of the movies themselves, this is the only place fans can visit that world," explained Frank Tieri, writer of THE INCREDIBLE HULK: THE FURY FILES #1. "How do Hulk or Nick Fury fit into the larger 'Marvels movies' universe? It's not on the DVD, or in a video game or even in a monthly comic-it's all right here. And ONLY right here." In addition to this Hulk movie tie-in, Tieri will also be writing future Digital Comics exclusives. "I've got a number of things in the works, a lot of which I can't talk about yet," Tieri said. "But I will say that probably the thing I'm involved with that's turned out to be the most fun is something called THE MARVELS CHANNEL, and we'll be revealing more about that in the days to come." And while Frank was chatting about Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, he wanted to let us know one more thing. "With these digital comics, the possibilities are really endless," Tieri said. "Prequels to big events, non super hero genres, re-emergences of characters we haven't seen in a while...These digital exclusives are going to provide Marvel with the opportunity to do a lot of different things with all new and all original content-and I for one can't wait to see what comes next." Read Frank Tieri's THE INCREDIBLE HULK: THE FURY FILES #1 to find out what comes NOW! Next week, THE INCREDIBLE HULK: THE FURY FILES #2 concludes Nick Fury's first encounter with the Jade Giant, once again set in Marvel movie continuity! THE INCREDIBLE HULK: THE FURY FILES #1 Written by FRANK TIERI Pencils by SALVA ESPIN Cover by STEVE LIEBER Only available in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited
"The Incredible Hulk" DVD and Blu-ray on sale Tuesday, Oct. 21. Pre-order the "Incredible Hulk" DVD now in a three-disc special edition, a single-disc edition or an two-disc Blu-ray edition. And be sure to head over to the official "Incredible Hulk" movie site. Want to catch up on your Hulk reading? Check out this list of essential comic collections. And don't forget to head over to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for all the Jade Giant stories you can handle! Check out the Marvel Shop for everything Hulk!
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