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Incredible Hulk DVD

TGIF: Hulking Out

Which Marvel characters would creators like Marc Guggenheim and Paul Cornell like to see lose their cool and go green?

Can't wait until The Incredible Hulk smashes his way onto DVD on October 21? Neither can we, which is why we've selected five issues from Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited featuring the Jade Giant's greatest feats of strength, so kick back and enjoy these five digital gems on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.
While Bruce Banner may seem to have the market cornered on anger management issues in the Marvel Universe, he's hardly alone. In addition to the good doctor, his buddy Rick Jones, cousin Jen Walters-aka She-Hulk-and several others have "Hulked Out" over the years, going green-or grey-and letting their inner rage run wild. With "Incredible Hulk" smashing onto DVD on Tuesday, October 21, we asked Marvel creators what characters they'd like to see let loose and Hulk Out! It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.

Hulk vs Thing

JUAN DOE (cover artist of SECRET INVASION: FRONT LINE): I'd love to see the Thing become a version of the Hulk. You can call it "The Hulk-Thing." First off I think a massive, green rocky hide would look awesome and along with having the biggest heart out of any of the Marvel heavyweights, he would also have the strength to knock the green off the Hulk. "It's Clobberin' Smash Time!" WELLINTON ALVES (artist of NOVA): J. Jonah Jameson. He hates all the heroes, so I would love to see him as the Hulk. It would be so much fun since he's angry all the time, so he'd be the Hulk all the time! REGINALD HUDLIN (writer of BLACK PANTHER): Willie Lumpkin as the Hulk would be great.

Howard the Duck

MARC GUGGENHEIM (writer of YOUNG X-MEN): I think the world is clamoring for a gamma-irradiated Howard the Duck! No? Actually, how about a Hulk-Thing? Cosmic rays + Gamma rays = awesomeness. RICK REMENDER (co-writer of PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL): I think the Hulk should have his own Hulk inside. So he'd be double Hulk. Twice as strong, twice as stupid. His Hulk would come out when you tickled him. No make Hulk giggle. You no like Hulk when he giggle.

Pete Wisdom

PAUL CORNELL (writer of CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13): I'd love to see the Pete Wisdom Hulk. That combination of huge self-discipline, an absolute dedication to duty, and the inclination to be naughty would result in something quite complex, I think. Ooh, I might actually do that. I shall have to ask [editor] Nick Lowe. MIKE PERKINS (artist of THE STAND: CAPTAIN TRIPS): My great aunt Petunia-it has to be the Thing!! 'Nuff said. Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Hulk!


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